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Indian Tea - Start Your Day in Hot Style

by Donald Finch

posted in Food and Drink

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There are some specialties of India in terms of cuisines, spices and hot drinks which make the country a stand-out on the global map. However, that is true for all countries in the world. Indian tea is popular all over the globe. There are several variations of tea available in India but Darjeeling tea is most flavorsome and famous.
Assam tea follows next on the chart of popularity. Herbal tea has now made inroads into the Indians' houses as it is perceived to provide several health benefits to the users. You need to be prepared for paying through the nose if top-notch quality tea is what you prefer.
Indian Chai
Tea means Chai in Hindi. It is a popular hot drink for the Indians. All the Indian adults are used to start their morning with sips in one cup of 'chai'. It is believed that aromatic flavor of 'chai' makes the day special for them and starts their journey on a cheerful note. Some are so fond of tea that every time is an ideal time for them to sip from a cup of brewing chai. Darjeeling tea is most aromatic, of export quality and expensive.
Only high-spending rich class can afford this tea. Assam tea is also good and exported. Some buyers blend these two types for making tea. However, the middle class people and poor individuals have no way but to be satisfied with other inferior kinds of tea available in the market. They also find herbal tea a very good alternative to expensive variations. What is more, herbal tea has proved beneficial for health.
Preparation of Indian Tea
There are variations in preparation of Indian tea. It is not always about just adding sugar, milk and tea leaves to boiling water. If you travel different parts of India, you will realize that how much effort some people put in while making tea. In Bengali households, tea is prepared in the simplest way - just by adding ingredients like sugar, milk and tea leaves to the hot water.
Some people prefer black tea for the reasons of health. Sometimes, ginger in Julian form is added to the hot water to lend a unique flavor to it. However, you need to travel Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, and Kashmir, paradise on earth, in order to enjoy heavenly taste of spicy tea. Color of prepared tea in those provinces is very different from what you find in other states. It looks radish and offers an unmatched flavor. So, start your day in a royal style.
Special spices are available to make tea. You can buy those at grocery stores. However, you need to grind them before mixing in a particular proportion and adding to tea. It is better to buy a packet that has all the 'masalas' mixed up and use it while making tea.
Spices in India
When it comes to spices, India is a heaven where a lot of varieties are easily available. Indian spices are considered an open secret behind a wider variety of delectable dishes. You can now easily purchase those at online grocery stores. Place an order and wherever you live, delivery will be done at your doorstep.
About the Author: Donald Finch is an expert chef. He is fond of flavorsome Indian tea and Indian spices. In this article, he has described different types of tea and variations in their preparation.
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