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The Industry's Appeal: Internet Of Things Do Not Staged A "standard" Farce

by wuwu

posted in Business : Franchise

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In a sub-national Technology The selection criteria, we continue to see the competing interests and mutual accusations, but do not see enough of the scientific spirit and fair authority. Such a "farce" Internet of things must not be in the development of the road to repeat itself. If Chan Xueyan parties say that they are independent innovation, thinking about local interests, it would have a negative industry hope of revitalizing the country earnest care.

2010, all people who care about China's political economy, are beginning to get familiar with a Noun ?? Internet of Things. In this year's government work report, first appeared in the flourishing concept of Internet of things. With Premier Wen Jiabao put forward the "Internet of things to speed up the development application", China's information industry has been targeting a new strategic objective. In order to achieve this goal, not only the need to "break the core technology", but also "unified core technology."

To people and objects, things and things intellectual affiliation of things, China's information industry is a historic opportunity to catch up with the world. Internet of things to be considered following the computer, the Internet after the third wave of information, but created the first two waves of foreign technology, China introduced the application of different Internet of things not present in a mature global standards system, which has given China and rest of the world an opportunity to establish the right to speak.

The development of China's Internet of things combined with innovation, this layer of meaning is obvious. Internet of things included in the Government strategic vision, the Chinese Linking Industry and Academia will this large-scale investment. At the same time, the Government must top-level Internet of things early planning design and technical standards. Overall, Internet of things is a piece of virgin land yet to be reclaimed, if there is no uniform plan, all acting on their own, the result may be put into the larger, more weeds.

In China in recent years on the road of independent innovation, seem to never worry about a lack of technological innovation, technological innovation is only worried about too much. We must develop independent intellectual property rights of HD DVD, suddenly out of EVD, HDV, HVD three standard; we have to develop independent intellectual property rights of the mobile phone TV All of a sudden out of DMB-TH, T-MMB, CMB, CMMB, CDMB five criteria. Behind all the major industry standards along with a number of government departments and stakeholders Enterprise , Often vilify each other, and do not buy it. If this continues to happen in the Internet of Things, Internet of things that the pursuit of wisdom of all things connected to "Utopia" to a broken.

Think of examples around us, the phone card would have to give people's lives bring great convenience, you can go out onto a mobile phone consumer, but now because of all the three operators to use a mobile phone card technology, Results you can not use mobile phones to fixed-point of the new world of telecommunications to buy clothes, you can not use mobile phones to China Unicom's mobile sentinel of Starbucks coffee, convenience, greatly reduced. The Internet of Things technology standards for complex times than the phone card, once the standard of many of the numerous circumstances, we each hill, victoria kings, Chinese Internet of things will completely become "Do not networking."

Year Two , The number of representatives, members of all things networking standard system that improve the problem, China has set up a joint working group of the standard Internet of things, but need to be reminded that the Government is to develop industry standards must demonstrate sufficient expertise and authority , otherwise it will exist in name only.

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