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Kindergarten Teachers In The United States When I Was Removed

by sdsv

posted in Business : Fundraising

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I handed the University of Colorado kindergarten applicants Baby Sitter (temporary care for infants and young children's work) applications. A few days later, I received a principal of Mary's e-mail, informing me to interview.

, Principal of Mary is looking lovely and vibrant woman. Interview, she always smiled and asked me, if a child hit another child with building blocks first how to do? If the conflict between me and my colleagues how to do? I have carefully answered questions. She expressed satisfaction with my answer, let me Friday to complete the procedure to start work next week.

I started to work. Mary introduced me to the principal of 112 classroom teachers in charge of Te Nisha. Te Nisha looks very cool, Mary left, she put me aside and keep working her only things did not intend to teach me anything mean. It was early, the class only a few kids playing with blocks. I came to think about adding them to the game, but they seem not interested in me. I do not know how to share with them, had just stood aside.

My kids seem to exist between the language barrier. The way to use what and how the tone of talk to them? That deep, they do not understand, no interest; that light, they probably think I IQ problems. Mainly in terms of issues, although I read in the TOEFL, back over GRE, tens of thousands of words mouth come, but I just do not know the United States four-year-old children to use words. At first, I would not even say "system button", "socks", "clothes rack" such a simple little word, can not say to the kind of kids favorite brand of maple syrup, not cartoon books they read favorite actress's name. Thus, a 4-year-old children have enough reason to laugh at me, pointing to my nose, said: "You're a fool!" I often feel that their kids like a clown is juggling with, can not find the slightest, "Division Dignity. "

On one occasion, the teacher asked me to pat a child on the back coax her to sleep, the kids are fiercely said to me: "Go away, do not touch me!" Another time, Sandy??? Have a "Sandy Doll "Cute little girl??? came over and said sweetly:" Teacher, you hold me fed to small frogs to eat right? "I think the love of animals is good, very willingly agreed. The results, she peremptorily to put a bottle of red, green, yellow soil dumped in a vat full of food. Soon the teacher came to me the trouble: "You hold her to feed a small frog in it! How could you do it! Never allow children to feed themselves, they would it Chengsi's!" I am stupid, This know into trouble, I thought every day so they do feed the animals. Cindy grimaced at me in the side: "Fool, scolded China!"

Turning around, the final exam to, not do homework busy. In order to go to nursery work, I got up early every day. Finally one day, despite how alarm call, I get up again, simply in bed sleep in the past. Because of this, I was expelled from kindergartens, but I am not sad, but feeling a kind of blessing in disguise.

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