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Rising Sales Of Home Appliances In 2007's "fashion" Factors

by dpdo

posted in Business : Fundraising

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Fashion circles have a long term??? "Fashionvictim" (fashion victim). Its meaning is: All non-stop chase high fashion luxury lifestyle of people with back, is a designer by the name brand, clothing companies, fashion magazines, co-star Joining a "popular conspiracy" victims. Now, when the fashion style has been detailed to your toothbrush or use the common large, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" in the electric toothbrush, Ipod capacity of two or four G when G, Fashionvictim extension is also broad. Its population covered, from fashion sense and have a neurotic obsessive desire of fans to buy into any family that can be copied to any age, any generation product of the mass purchase of consumer groups.

Therefore, we need to discuss this issue appliance topic, complete and ex-gratia, none other such "non-fashion word" independent. To promote the sales of home appliances in 2007 rising "fashion" element has been neglected topic, been accepted by the market???

States United States 100 000 pay trend survey by the Consumer

Household appliances have something IN (popular) or obsolete (OUT) this change? Your appliance show what kind of personality the owner? If you think you fashion, and even willing to always dead set blend into Fashionvictim, can look at this season of the popular home appliances.

Home appliance trend this season the main basis, from a market survey. Last weekend, in Chengdu, the U.S. 7th anniversary celebration of the country round the end of the Chengdu Branch General Manager Lee Hom GOME told reporters: "Chengdu States United States through November 24th ~ December 2nd Anniversary of 9 days, sales growth a year ago 186%, a new record high. "It is reported that the country all Chuan U.S. 39, paragraph mall with thousands of home appliance products, and more than 100,000 consumers to enjoy this smooth," delicious feast. "

10 million consumers to buy enough to give you a good reason: in the end what is now appliances trend? What kind of home appliances most consumer stocks? What price of home appliances are the most popular? Chengdu, China's U.S. market through careful research center asked the staff in the relevant statistics of the database, the answers one by one opened???

TV: black crystal glass with liquid crystal

"LCD TV, plasma TV sales accounted for more than 90%", such data is important in the transmission of a message: buy a color TV, LCD, or if you do not select plasma, it is definitely behind the times. It is reported that LCD or Plasma 7 anniversary celebrations in the country in the United States accounted for sales of more than 38% of the proportion. GOME staff told reporters, environmental protection, large screen, high-definition flat panel television consumption trends, in Chengdu, GOME anniversary, the million or so 42-inch, 11,000 ~ 15,000 yuan of 46-inch liquid crystal sales of hot, because next year's Olympic Games, the arrival of , digital signal will spread, high-definition flat-panel TV features a new hot spot, such as Panasonic 42-inch full HD plasma, Hisense HD 120HZ true + series sports products, Changhong Championship Series TV, Sony LCD W series, Samsung FullHDM series. With the enhancement of people's incomes, and focus on quality of life, consumer prices, while more TV, more focused on the quality and enjoyment.

Comments fashion season to season and thick figure, slightly wider on both sides of the sound compared to the most popular season's most popular flat-panel TV, it seems more clear, and thinner. Housing and base with black crystal glass, silver chrome metal and other materials, while the hidden interfaces and hidden speakers, which makes the lines even more fresh and smooth.

Washing machine: just a good Bordeaux Black Silver

Mention washing machines, even though many people find these things is that most major utility, but for economic and health needs, you have to pay attention to fashion trends, it is learned, energy, health, the ice has been steadily rising share of washing products , large-capacity energy-saving refrigerator, washing machine drum to become the new darling of consumers.

About the Author:

I am a professional writer from China Crafts Suppliers, which contains a great deal of information about hp color plotter , magnetic card printer, welcome to visit!

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