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Chen: "paradise Successful Gome 1 +1> 2"

by betty

posted in Business : Fundraising

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"Formed outside a lot on my mind. But never changed my mind, is to use my experience to help develop the country the United States, one day I discovered my ability to not take my position, natural to Yin." Recently, the former head of Paradise, now Gome president Chen Xiao told this reporter an exclusive interview Cheng Chen minds. At this point, from the merger of Gome and Yongle nearly one year.

After the merger to be completed in the first time responses, the owner of transfiguration from Paradise "workers" are controversial figures, the mood is like?

CHEN Quotations I think the combined GOME Wing-lok, a successful 1 +1> 2,. The success is to have a price. Our culture in the process of combing, employees and the combined values if the enterprises do not fit, must be adjusted.

I am a working person is one of the shareholders. Maximize the benefits of enterprise management is the only target.

Combined effect of previews GOME Paradise

Southern Metropolis Daily: China Paradise merger has been a whole year the United States, How would you rate this year was the integration between the two?

CHEN: Country Paradise merger before the U.S. has a leading position, combined make this advantage further. Gome Yongle had completed the integration in the first half, from the second half and next year should be the integrated effect of the release process.

2007 years of our focus, one is integrated, and the other is the improvement on the traditional model. In recent years, chain enterprises engaged in "enclosure" to expand the scale, resulting in a number of side effects, such as the rising costs. Beginning this year, the cost rate of the U.S. state has reversed the upward momentum, which is the combined effect of the country one of the U.S. Paradise. Moreover, the product gross margin is improving, net profit rose significantly, has achieved a net profit growth rate than sales growth, I believe 2008 will be more significant combined effect.

Southern Metropolis: to integrate the two companies, the most difficult than the integration of culture, the National US-Paradise in the management structure and information systems to complete the aspects of docking, but the States United States Paradise cultural integration going?

CHEN: Cultural integration is a major issue. We have integrated a country the United States Yongle's corporate culture, carding a new corporate culture to complete the outline, the present company has been carrying out propaganda, that is, cultural integration has been completed, and this is an important part of integration, marking the two enterprise complete integration to complete.

Southern Metropolis: Paradise in the States United States the process of integration, Wing-lok, a lot of veterans have left, including a brother with you Da Jiangshan and hard-venture team of professional managers, a year later, how do you look at the decision-making?

CHEN: speaking to investors, business operators to pursue improvements in quality. I think the combined GOME Wing-lok, successful 1 +1> 2. The success is to have a price. We are in the process of combing culture, values employees and the combined company if no agreement is bound to be adjusted.

Complete the "military order" there is no suspense

Southern Metropolis Daily: before you set the country 100 billion U.S. group's military order in 2007, did not complete the auto-job, we can see from the third quarter report is 9-month revenue increased to 30.319 billion yuan in Gome RMB, but this is only part of a listed company. I ask the whole group's operating performance in the 1-9 month how, can complete the military order?

CHEN: the group's performance is still not announced, but the goal of 100 billion this year can be completed.

Statements of listed companies from the disclosure point of view, our revenue growth next year we will have a greater expansion of the scale.

About the Author:

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