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Medium And Large Peak On New Year Bring You Bargain

by yaya

posted in Business : Fundraising

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The real end of the year this week, has entered the promotion, "Countdown", to allow consumers to buy the premium, medium and large specially present "New Year's Day home appliances shopping Raiders", as there are plans to make plans to consumers to buy appliances.

End of the year for this promotion, 20 billion of medium and large purchases, single items to send at least 1,500 yuan 900 yuan a red envelope of value activities, more than 200,000 gifts Hao Li, and convenience stores across the city These excellent resources such as reserves in the body, with confidence. 14:00 pm on Dec. 31 opening, medium and large launch in 2009 the last of a crazy night market, to live in the new tower as the main battlefield museum, dedicated to the city consumers a "New Year's feast of home appliances sales." There are three days away from 2010, the real "buy the dips" opportunity has come, not you miss!

Raiders 1?? Prices drop further concessions in the end the audience

The giant New Year's Day promotion

benefits, medium and large equipment volume of 20 billion market for household electrical appliances will be the average unit price down to the bottom, in order to

Flat Panel TV As a leader, competing in various home appliances placed under category "Beijing parity big ring," shouted the "bottom no lower prices" slogan: From December 25 to 2010 during the Chinese New Year, large and medium

TV Implementation of the full price of insurance, from 32 inches to 60 and larger TV products are straight down the dual benefits + gift straight down in the range of 300-5000 per hour, to participate in "doubled wealth of prepaid cash" activities can be re- offer 300 yuan;

Refrigerator , Washing machine straight down + gifts as the main incentives, over 2,000 yuan to 300 yuan by legislation alone, Heavy goods -800 300 yuan yuan, the highest straight drop 1,500 yuan; Kitchen Appliances Overall 4-9 off sale special prototype 4 folded;

Small appliances Overall 5-8 fold special promotions, and microwave ovens small kitchen appliances 5 fold, Body Health 8 fold class of small household appliances.

The same time, popular with consumers of home appliances

TM to Activities of medium and large subsidies in the original basis of further subsidies to fill up more than 10%. Phone -30% 20% Overall none other, sending the value 100 -500 dollars

Gift Consumers to participate in any activities in the price of TM to be the basis of a further 10% subsidy to enjoy.

Raiders 2 ?? Complete appliance package purchase more affordable

Golden Week is often the whole focus on promotion of home appliances category, because the wedding, new home purchase complete sets of household appliances to consumers not unusual. Medium and large stores where whole families often came together a few mouthfuls of selected electrical appliances. Medium and large stores, according to statistics: A 11 period, for example, a one-time purchase of two or more appliances overall proportion of occupied

Sell More than 60%. New Year period, medium and large focus on recommended "hedging appliances" more than several single purchase discount. Smoke + stove, fridge + washing machine, TV + Home Theater +

Washer , Air Conditioning hook + Guiji so, during the New Year this year, efforts to launch a number of medium and large package combinations, there is always a right for you. Select arbitrage, not only on the basis of the original event and then enjoy a second offer, but also enjoy the large and medium to provide additional gifts, and thoughtful one-stop service.

Raiders 3?? Year with another crazy ones who enjoy the night market

Consumers are aware of the capital, medium and large home appliances over the years, the night market is the largest home appliance sales efforts, the overall reduction is the highest, most types of gifts, prototypes, special machine shop with the most complete ... ... strong sales ability and extraordinary promotional efforts, large and medium electric gather strong night market always popular. Although market share has been steadily holds more than half of the capital, medium and large still continue to pursue higher goals, but this New Year's Day promotion, medium and large will again refresh the sales records!

The last day of 2009, medium and large stores throughout the city in combat readiness and will live in the new Museum Tower, Madian, Tuanjiehu, Yang Qiao and other main stores under the leadership ushered in 09 years with the largest Night promotion, with the end of the year's peak promotional feast, together with the vast number of consumers across the 2009 New Year!

Raiders 4?? TM to upgrade subsidies

State for color TV, refrigerators, washing machines and appliances start five categories of "TM" activities, sales of home appliances has played an important stimulating role.

About the Author:

I am China Manufacturers writer, reports some information about portable washer dryer , garment hangers.

Code: СРОЖДЕСТВОМ2018. Promo code requires. The deal applies to all categories of goods. The deal is not available for goods on sale.(45$ for Order $ 300 +,20-3,50-7.5,60-9,80-12,100-15,120-18,150-22.5,180-27,240-36,300-45)
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