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The First World Cup Commemorative Sets The Dynamic Lcd Tv Early Exposure

by qoqo

posted in Business : Fundraising

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Since March 15, 2006 witnessed in the Yalong Bay Golf Course

TCL Group President Li Dongsheng And two golf masters?? David. Howell, Zhang, in a TCL B68

LCD TV On, have blown the 2006TCL Golf Classic, after the first shot, the writer's on this mysterious new LCD TV not soon forget. Many stakeholders with TCL Communication, finally had the privilege of TCL's headquarters and this mysterious new LCD TV had a close contact.

Gossip talk less, get down to business. Although the TCL based product showroom which placed the number of different flat-panel TV sets, however, entered the room at the moment, I immediately recognized the only read one of the B68 this LCD TV. The reason is simple, sleek design of its very charm and style in the design of other flat-panel TVs have very different, large-screen flat-panel TV will give people simple-minded, a lot of sense, because a lot of TV in addition to the screen is flat, the even the shape design is very lackluster. On the contrary, B68 shape very stylish design, in turn on the TV screen, you've been attracted to her unique style.

By TCL's engineers, this is the famous French

Team TIMTHOM creative masterpiece, while the unique appearance, it is also one of the characteristics B68 series, no wonder my eyes will be focused on the top of the.

I can not wait for the engineers as I opened the TV. As the engineers with luminous display of a remote control gently press, high-definition presentation screen immediately appears in the 47-inch big screen.

First play was a wonderful football match, the players and the fierce fighting and never let lens high-speed switching fans kept cheering, but not the match itself attracted me, but the high-speed camera high-speed switching and transport athletes the ball simply did not see any pictures or disabled as trailing, but the overall picture sharpness is very high.

Engineers introduced a smile: "This is the B68 owned by the effect of dynamic high-definition, motion picture to achieve excellent performance. When you watch a football match, like the tail of these nasty residue LCD TV disadvantages you can not be found on the B68, and B68 will also be the first of the World Cup for the fans commemorative dynamic LCD TV. But I am sorry, relevant technical parameters, before the official product launch we have to be kept confidential. "

To advance this new charm alone I feel very happy, although very eager to know the B68 in the dynamic high-definition achieve such results on what technology is built, but generally the rules. So I will continue to enjoy the match after the demos. Then play is a submarine scenery, blue waters of clarification has a wide range of thorough

Color Colorful corals, marine fish freely interspersed in the coral cruising, rich colors make me dizzying. I also possessor of the home beautiful marine fish tank, fish and corals of various colors are very deep real knowledge.

Time video effects really makes me wonder, pure white and coral roses, Ipomoea deep the blue shell, son clown fish such as the exquisite painting of each color is orange ... ... the most authentic expression of marine life! Apart from marveling at the screen I did not forget to come to the sides of a careful watch from the side, close to 180 degrees in a balanced position, I see colors and the screen in front of the screen to see even no different It seems LCD TV viewing angle problem in B68 also has been a perfect solution.

About the Author:

I am an expert from Frbiz Site, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as ball thrust bearings , cartridge bearing.

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