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Dress Your Outdoor Furniture for Fall

by Hazel Jennings

posted in Home Improvement : Furniture

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Life is full of stages, periods, eras, and ages; yet, they often pass so unceremoniously, that we can't tell exactly when they begin, and when they end.  In fact, even the seasons, which are marked by specific dates, can slip in and out, without fanfare, during tricky times of transition.  However, anyone who was lucky enough to have been outdoors on the evening of September 22, 2010, perhaps, relaxing on some outdoor furniture, may have witnessed an unusually ostentatious arrival.


Truly, at 11:09 p.m. (EDST) that night, the autumnal equinox managed to pull off a spectacularly grand entrance, the likes of which have not been seen in 19 years.  The funny thing about it, though, is that some people may have been so dazzled by its head-turning escorts, that they didn't even realize the significance of the occasion.


Indeed, for the first time, since 1991, it came on the same night as the full, Harvest Moon (an event that won't occur again until 2029).  While that perfectly-orchestrated pageantry may have been sufficient indulgence for most seasons, it simply didn't cut it for this year's attention-grabbing autumn.  No-o!  Apparently in need of a bit of extra glitz, it coordinated its annual First Night to coincide with the appearance of a special guest star.


Well, actually, it was a special guest planet; but Jupiter, being at opposition to the sun this time around, was happy to take this particular stage alongside the moon.  Furthermore, because it deigned to come closer to Earth than it has on any of its tours, since 1963, it shone as brilliantly as any star.


There's no denying that, after choreographing such an extraordinary extravaganza for its equinox, this autumn deserves the red-carpet treatment.  Sure, it already gets the red-yellow-bronze-russet-orange-and- gold-carpet-of-leaves treatment; but, in truth, that's a treat for us.  Of course, that's where fall shows its true colors.  While, certainly, it's a flashy dresser that likes to be noticed, it is, nevertheless, also quite magnanimous.  Besides blessing us with breath-taking beauty to behold, it bestows a bounty of fruits, flowers, and vegetables.


Obviously, pumpkins are tops among these, as they are the quintessential symbols of fall.  Moreover, not only can they be made into some very delicious dishes, but they can serve as attractive decorations, along with gourds, mums, acorns, pinecones, berries, apples, leaves, twigs, corn stalks, straw, hay bales, Indian corn, and nearly anything else that's growing wild.  As a matter of fact, you may be able to find most of what you need to make stunning outdoor décor, right in your own backyard; and that's another example of autumn's generosity.


So, go ahead and use everything that you can collect, to decorate your home and landscape in suitable celebration of such an unselfish season.  Get an assortment of pumpkins, in all sizes, and set them along your porch railings and steps, or on your deck or gazebo.  Make a fall wreath from twigs, pinecones, and berries, and embellish it with a ribbon of crimson, gold, red, or orange.


String 15-20 cornstalks together, tie them with a ribbon, and stand them against the railings of gazebos and porches, as well as mailbox posts.  Place some hay bales nearby, stacked on patio chairs, outdoor accent tables, or picnic table benches, and set some pumpkins and Indian corn on top of them.


In tribute to the scintillating show that ushered in the season, add some striking nighttime sparkle, by stringing several sets of miniature outdoor lights through garden structures, such as arbors, pergolas, and trellises.


Dress up your outdoor furniture with outdoor furniture cushions and throw pillows that feature fall colors, such as burgundy, plum, red, orange, gold, and yellow.  Not only will you have the best-looking patio chairs, chaise lounges, and porch gliders, but you'll have some mighty comfortable seats for viewing autumn's sensational scenery.

About the Author: has one of the largest selections of wood, metal, and synthetic outdoor furniture available anywhere.  To find a fantastic selection of outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture cushions, and outdoor décor, visit  To contact a design consultant, or a customer service representative, call 888-293-2339, or e-mail

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