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Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons: What You’ll Learn

by linkroll

posted in Arts and Entertainment : Guitar

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You don’t even have to sign up for regular heavy metal guitar lessons if you’re interested in learning how to play heavy metal music. Whatever way you decide to go about it, there are a few particularly important facts that you will learn with these lessons. Especially if you have experience already with the guitar, you will take to this easily and there are a few simple rules to remember. You can’t just pick up any old guitar and expect to be a whiz, and there are a few things that you need to remember to get that heavy metal sound.

First it’s important to know that your amplifier will have one of the largest impacts on how your music will sound overall and you need to have enough distortion from your email if you want it to sound right. For heavy metal music you need to make sure that there is enough distortion from the amplifier. Once you have adjusted the settings you then want to focus on your guitar, starting by turning the volume control to ten. Tuning is extremely important when you’re trying to play heavy metal guitar.

One of the first heavy metal guitar lessons that you should focus on when learning has to do with tuning and most metal guitarists tune their guitar strings down at least half a step. Most guitarists will tune from a half a step to two whole steps. You will have to tune slowly and pick at the strings, because each guitar varies in sound and you have to rely on your ear for the music. You don’t hear any heavy metal songs that have high guitar chords, or at least very few, as these are rarely used in this style of music.

Because of this, there are some heavy metal guitarists who will actually remove the highest chords off their guitar. It’s easy to take them off and this is why a lot of the time you see heavy metal guitarists playing a guitar that may look like a bass because it only has four strings, when in actuality the guitarist has simply removed the top couple of strings. In heavy metal music lessons you will quickly see that some of the best heavy metal songs of all time such as Ironman by Black Sabbath and For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica never use the B or E chords so there’s really no point to have them left on the guitar. Another important topic that should be covered in your heavy metal guitar lessons involves the scales used.

The most commonly used in heavy metal music is the Minor Pentatonic scale. Similar to the Blues Scale, it’s called the Pentatonic Scale because there are only five notes included. It can take some time and practice to understand how to hold, tune and play a guitar properly. As long as you have patience and are willing to work at it, you can become a heavy metal star.

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