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The Proper Way to Work Out

by Kate Winslet

posted in Insurance : Health

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We in America believe that we have a solution for each and every problem; obesity which has really taken Americans under its grasp is not taken as a serious issue by us. We believe that we can keep on eating junk and diet pills like Phentermine will burn the extra flab for us. The efficacy of diet pills can't be doubted but they certainly not the best way out. In other words we can say that they are the last solution therefore before opting for them we should try out the natural ways to lose weight.

Exercises are one of the healthiest and the oldest techniques to lose weight. They not only help in burning calories, but also, increase circulation, improve the health of your heart, give longevity and endurance.

The most common form of exercises are walking and cycling, these should be done at least twenty minutes a day to lose the extra flab. By properly combining stretching and weights you can achieve a great shape. Just remember the following things:


Before lifting weights or starting any heavy form of exercise it is really important to do a few stretches or any light exercise ,like a ten minute moderate paced walk on the treadmill ,this prepares your body for exercise and reduces the wear and tear on your body allowing you to stick longer to a programme.

KNOW YOUR BODY FAT PERCENT Each individual has a different percentage of fat in his/her body. This is their respective percentages of lean tissue Vs fatty tissues, and your percentage of body fat can be measured with the help of fat calipers. If you gain 5 pounds muscle and lose 5 pounds of fat, your bathroom scale will say your weight hasn't changed and you may feel as if you are getting nowhere. Therefore, it is important to know your body fat percentage.


When you target a specific muscle group, like chest, abs or thighs, you have a number of exercises to choose from. Always use high intensity exercises i.e.: the exercises which allow you to lift the maximum amount of weight in the shortest span of time.


What happens when your work outs are the same intensity? Your body will not grow any new muscle or transform itself in any way. So it's very important to add a few more weights or reps to an exercise after a period of time.


If you enjoy working out, you should do it often, but don't ever do the mistake of not giving your body enough time to recover between work outs .Your body must be fully recovered to perform new muscle growing functions.

Kate is an associated editor to the website . It is committed to provide visitors with complete information on weight loss, diet pills, and online prescription drugs like Phentermine, Didrex by latest news, personal views, and articles on weight loss related topics.

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