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Simple Activities Helps to Lose Weight

by ruben

posted in Health and Fitness

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Those who are excited and hopeful for a quick weight loss should not expect for an overnight course like a sway of a wand. Weight loss is a gradual process practiced with effort. It starts with simple to-dos, then a persistent progression of activities, and a lifetime of maintenance. But it always has to begin with the basics: physical activities and eating well.

By these two basic things, starting off can be unexpectedly simple. Losing weight should not be complicated. To properly lose weight is to start on basic things that you can do every day. Yes, simple chores can adequately help trim your waist line. Here are examples of simple activities that can help you lose excess pounds:

1. Go move

a. Turn off the TV. You will just munch more in front of the screen while you sit. Go out, cut grass, paint your yard, clean your garage.
b. Walk, walk, walk. Every morning as an exercise, or during the afternoon with your dog. You can also walk to your work and walk back home.
c. Look for more chores. There are lots around the house wherein you can help mom or dad. You can do the laundry or vacuum the floor. You can baby sit your brother or help chop the vegetables.
d. Don't forget to stretch. If you are working at the office and all that is moving are your fingers in the keyboard, go stretch your arms and legs to relieve your bones. Bend your neck a little and twist your ankles.
e. Be aware. Make a list of the physical activities you do each day. If you notice you are sitting most of the time, make a new list of the things you can do that can get your body to move, like dancing.

2. Eat well

a. Eat more fruits. These are the healthiest form of desserts. You'll also love these for snacks. Fruits are high in fiber that aids in healthy weight loss.
b. Be a vegetable lover. You know veggies are absolutely good for your health. Not only it will make disease go away, it can also kiss fats goodbye.
c. Be conscious to the fat content of what you eat. Make sure you choose non-fat or low fat foods and dairy products.
d. Say goodbye to junk foods and soda. They have no nutritional value.
e. Keep a diet journal. List down the foods you need to take and list down also those you need to avoid. Make meal plans and calorie count. This will definitely aid for a quick weight loss.

For more information and tips about quick weight loss, lose weight, healthy weight loss, please visit

About the Author:

Ruben Batiancila Licera, Jr. is a professional Public Relations and Events Management Specialist. His training expertise in market development specifically in public relations, marketing, advertising and promotions is backed by 8 years of solid professional experience, international training in Rotterdam, Netherlands and exposures in foreign countries, specifically Germany, Belgium, France, Singapore and Malaysia.

A graduate of AB Journalism and MBA from a reputable universities in the Philippines, Mr. Licera is also a respected youth leader and speaker.


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