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How To Get Rid Of Headaches Fast and Naturally!

by Lam Bong

posted in Health and Fitness

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Do you constantly keep having head pounding and piercing headaches at least once every day? Have you tried pain killers or home remedies to ease your pain but never work? If you have, then here are 6 easy tips to get rid of your headaches fast, naturally and instantly!

1. Apply warm wheat bags to the neck

Warm wheat bags are the best thing to easy headaches fast. A warm wheat bag basically helps to warm up and ease headaches by increasing the blood circulation to the neck and relaxes the nerves that cause headaches. Wheat bags also helps to relax the muscles around your skull and neck which reduces stress.

2. Gentle neck stretches

Gentle neck stretches can significantly reduce tension headaches. This is because stretches can help muscles and nerves from the head to be relaxed. This eases headaches.

3. Drink hot green tea

Drinking hot green tea is the perfect antidote for severe headaches. Green tea when consumed increases relaxation and general blood flow. It also has anti-oxidant properties which help reduce inflammation in the brain, neck and muscle tissue surrounding the skull. If you have a migraine headache, green tea will help ease your migraines a lot. This is because migraines are normally caused by blood vessel spasms occurring in the brain. Green tea will help to relax these blood vessels and hence reduce your headache significantly!

4. Take warm showers

Taking a warm shower is good way to help relax your whole body. A warm shower distresses the body and helps your upper body and head to function better. Warm showers also helps to loosen up the joints in your neck which can cause headaches.

5. Head and neck massages

Health practitioners have been using gentle head and neck massages for centuries to ease all sorts of head symptoms. Massages help by relaxing all the muscles, nerves, joints and ligaments that contribute to severe headaches. Massage also serves as a distraction which stops you thinking about the pain in your head.

6. Walking

Walking is an effective way to ease headaches. Walking helps to ease headaches by increasing the amount of happy natural pain killers called endorphins. These natural pain killers are naturally released from your body when you exercise. Walking is the perfect exercise to release these natural pain killers because it puts the least physical stress on the body and it is also the most efficient way to release endorphins.

About the Author:

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