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6 Tips To Stop Food Cravings

by Lam Bong

posted in Health and Fitness

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Losing weight is one of the hardest things that you can do. One of the most key components in losing weight is to stop food cravings. When people start to have food cravings, they will tend to go back to their bad habits and eat junk food. Therefore, it is important that you stop food cravings as soon as possible so you can lose weight effectively.

Here are 6 tips to stop food cravings.

1. Chew chewing gum

Chewing gum will stop you from eating and getting those bad cravings. When you chew, your brain makes you think that you are eating real food, in reality you are not.

2. Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water will trick your stomach that you have a full meal. This is because when you drink a lot of water, you stretch out the lining of your stomach which emulates a full meal. When you do this, your body does not want food because it cannot fit any more into the stomach.

3. Massage the stomach and abdomen

When you massage the stomach and abdomen, it tricks the body that there is food digesting and processing in your guts. Therefore, this means that your brain thinks that it is getting food.

To massage your stomach and abdomen, you have to apply firm circular pressure to your belly. It should be firm enough that it hurts a little bit.

4. Exercise

When you start to get the food craves, then the best action you should do is to exercise. When you exercise, you keep yourself distracted about your empty stomach.

Exercise also has an added benefit of releasing natural pain killers called endorphins. This will make you feel good and hence make you stop eating.

5. Watch an entertaining movie or television show

The best way to stop food cravings or starvation is by changing your mental state. If you keep thinking about food all the time, you will want food even more. But, if you change your mental state, then your mind does not find a need to eat. One of the best ways to change your mental state is by watching an entertaining movie or television show. When you do this, your mind is so distracted and busy that your body ignores the feeling of hunger.

6. Drink green tea

Traditional Chinese medicine has used green tea to help stop food cravings for centuries. In fact, there are products on the market that are green tea designed to make you slimmer. Drinking tea makes you stop food cravings.

About the Author:

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