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The History of Dramamine, the Over the Counter Motion Sickness Remedy

by linkroll

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Whether it was being dragged by the hair into a cave or riding on the Space Shuttle, mankind has battled with the despair of motion sickness. The evolution of our species has done nothing to make us less prone to motion sickness than our ancestors. Now, more than ever, we are in need of motion sickness remedies. One of the most famous motion sickness remedy available in North America today is called Dramamine.

Buy Any Other Name

Currently, you can buy Dramamine motion sickness remedy in a couple of other names, including Driminate, Gravol and Vertirosan. The active ingredient (and the name of the generic motion sickness remedy) is dimenhydrinate and is very closely related (chemically speaking) to the common over the counter cold medication marketed under the name Benedryl.

Dramamine also works as a motion sickness remedy for dogs as well as people. But no matter what tongue-twisting name you call it, you and your dog have a few options and formulations of this over the counter motion sickness remedy to choose from. You can take it in liquid, in chewable tablets, in pills you have to swallow, as a patch or as a suppository (ouch).

Steady Facts

Dramamine is currently sold under the corporate giant of Johnson and Johnson, which also sells Bendryl, incidentally. Originally Dramamine was sold in one formula but now contains a variety to choose from. The big difference in the original formula of this motion sickness remedy is that it often makes you very drowsy. Now there are non-drowsy formulations.

Dramamine was one of the first over the counter drugs to be sold to combat nausea (Dramamine can be used for all kinds of nausea, although it is not recommened for morning sickness). Oddly enough, before Dramamine, you pretty much had to rely on folk remedies to get through a very bumpy ride. This popular and much appreciated motion sickness remedy first came out in 1949. It was invented by two Baltimore doctors that were given a grant from the US Army.

Dramamine was first sold by G.D. Searle and Company, which is now merged with Monsanto in 2000. Monsanto in turn merged with a couple of other companies to form Pharmacia Corp. It looks like Searle should not have sold Dramamine, as they certainly needed it after all of their movements. Dramamine was not Searle's most successful drug. That honor would go to Celebrex.

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