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Tips for Cutting Down on Holiday Sugar Consumption

by Richard Caven

posted in Health and Fitness

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The holidays have arrived! Friends and family meet together to give presents, laugh, eat and enjoy time together. For many families there is plenty of tasty indulgences to be had. The holidays are a great time to celebrate and enjoy good food, but these tasty treats can also wreak havoc on your teeth, if you aren't careful to monitor your sugar consumption.
It's hardly new news that sugar can damage your teeth. But many people don't understand why. Bacteria in your mouth feeds on sugar. The sugar is broken down by the bacteria into an acid that eats away at your teeth. Sugar causes the most damage when it gets stuck between your teeth. Many people have a hard time properly cleaning between their teeth, maximizing this damage.
Here are a few ways you can keep your teeth safe this holiday season:
Grab your Toothbrush
Eating sugar in moderation shouldn't cause too many problems in the mouth. You can further reduce damage caused by sugar by brushing and rinsing with mouthwash after eating high-sugar treats. Brushing your teeth cleans the sugar from your mouth and mouthwash will kill any bacteria that has formed. This is a great diet tool as well, since the toothpaste taste can help kill sugary cravings!
Choose something else:
If you want to completely avoid the negative impact of sugar on your teeth: eat something else. When you are preparing baked goods for your family get-togethers, try a sugar substitute. There are plenty of natural sweeteners on the market that are safer for your teeth. Make sure to do a bit of research to make sure your choice is healthier than the sugar you are replacing.
Eat Healthier Sweets
There are a lot of tasty sweets that are natural and healthy for you. For example, instead of noshing on another chocolate covered cherry, choose another sweet food, like raisins. You can also fill up on cheese, apples, carrots and cranberries which are healthy and great for your teeth. These foods can help reduce plaque and keep your teeth clean.
Drink Wisely
If pies, cupcakes and cookies aren't enough, there are plenty of holiday drinks that are filled with teeth-damaging sugar. Soda, tea, eggnog and other holiday drinks are full of sugar. If you must have soda, opt for diet. These drinks have less to no sugar, so they are safer for your teeth. You can also reduce the impact of soda on your teeth by drinking it through a straw. The straw helps the soda skip contact with most of your teeth.
Stop it
An extreme alternative: Cutting sugar from your diet cold turkey. If you are trying to eat healthier and keep your teeth in good shape, eliminating sugar from your diet will have a major impact. Your teeth (and your dentist) will be happy you eliminated this pesky additive from your diet. Eliminating sugar cold turkey can be a bit of a shock and it can also be unrealistic for a lot of people.
If you want to eat sugar, remember to use moderation and take care of your teeth!
About the Author: Cosmetic dentist Dr. Caven and his experienced team help you find your best smile. Offering advanced technology in Jacksonville, Florida for a variety of cosmetic dental services, Dr. Caven offers a versatile range of solutions for healthy smiles.
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