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Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Top Procedures

by Anna Woodward

posted in Health and Fitness

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One of the biggest trends in the dental industry is the continued growth of cosmetic dentistry. Considered a fad when it began, cosmetic procedures now generate billions of dollars for dentists in America. Revenues are expected to rise even faster in the foreseeable future thanks to the aging population. With that in mind, here are the five most popular procedures your cosmetic dentist performs.
Teeth Whitening
A bright white smile has always been a sign of beauty and health. Most of us have one at some point, but our smiles often fade with age. The reason? Certain foods and drinks stain our teeth over time, making them several shades darker. While regular brushing might lighten them a bit, it will never give you a gleaming white grin. To remove stubborn stains for a movie-star smile, you might need to have your teeth professionally whitened. A simple, relatively inexpensive procedure, whitening or bleaching can lighten your smile several shades in a single visit. Many patients receive treatments on their lunch hour and return to work with a stunning set of pearly whites.
Dental Veneers
The most versatile cosmetic procedure, dental veneers can be used to change the color, size, shape, or length of teeth. Made of porcelain or composite resin, these custom-made shells are permanently bonded to the front of teeth for an instant smile upgrade. Because they can also be used to strengthen chipped, fractured, or otherwise damaged teeth, veneers offer both aesthetic and functional improvement. It is no wonder that they are a favorite of older patients who want to address both issues at once.
Dental Bonding
A viable alternative to replacement, dental bonding can be used to repair chipped, cracked, decayed, or misshapen teeth. The tooth-colored, putty-like resin material that is used can be quickly and safely applied to a damaged tooth. It is then hardened, shaped, and polished to a high shine. When completed by an experienced cosmetic dentist, even extensive repairs are nearly undetectable.
Dental Implants
Arguably the most effective tooth replacement option, implants are screwed directly into the jawbone for a safer, stronger, more comfortable fit. Unlike dentures and some bridges, they are not removable. Made of tough and durable titanium, implants should last a lifetime if properly maintained. Although more popular than ever, implants are not nearly as accessible as dentures because of their high price tag. In fact, a full set of them can cost tens of thousands of dollars. That said, they are clearly superior to any other replacement device on the market today.
Dental Crowns
Another treatment that offers both functional and aesthetic benefits, a crown can be used to replace a damaged or decayed tooth. Made of metal, ceramic, resin, or porcelain, crowns are less expensive than implants. The one drawback is that they cannot be used to replaced a completely missing tooth. Crowns can, however, prevent a weak or damaged one from fracturing and falling out.
An experienced cosmetic dentist may use any of the aforementioned procedures to improve the look of your smile.
About the Author: To learn more about their options for a cosmetic dentist, Plymouth, MI residents should visit
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