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Understand Common Disorders Of Eyes Before You Regret

by Jayita Chanda

posted in Health and Fitness

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Our eyes are an important part of how well we adapt to the outer world. This makes it important to take care of our eyes properly and keep a close watch for any abnormalities or problems that might occur at any point of time. Here are the main abnormalities or common eye disorders and when to consult an eye expert.
Myopia, Hyperopia & Presbyopia:
Myopia or nearsightedness and Hyperopia or Farsightedness is quite common. The patients of Myopia see nearby objects clearly but the objects far away seem hazy or blurry. Many children and adults face this problem and are prescribed eyewear to correct their eyesight.
Patients of Hyperopia face a problem of seeing nearby objects while they can easily see the objects at far clearly. This condition is also quite normal and when you feel your vision is disturbed or you need to squint or try harder to focus on objects away from you, consult your eye specialist.
Most people will face Presbyopia after their 40's because the eyes will start to lose their elasticity and the ability to focus quickly on nearby objects. All people will face Presbyopia after 40 but the extent of the effects will vary from person to person. Usually reading glasses work fine for patients who do not have any other refractive error.
In this condition the cornea has an irregular shape that makes light pass through the lens and focus at multiple points on the retina, creating a blurry image. It is often accompanied with Myopia and Hyperopia.
Conjunctivitis is quite common and known as pink eye. The inflammation of conjunctiva causes redness in the eyes which is known as pink eye. Usually this condition requires care and medical attention.
After the age of 40, Cataracts can be one of main reason for vision impairment and vision loss. Cataracts are a clouding of the eye's lens, behind the iris and the pupil.
Eye Floaters:
When the vitreous gel, the same gel that makes up for the 80% of the eye and helps maintain its shape starts to shrink, it makes a tiny string like formation. This string like formation creates a faint shadow on the retina, giving its feel as a floater.
Dry Eye:
When eyes can't produce enough tears, the eyes feel uncomfortable and need to be moistened to keep functioning properly. This condition can be treated and kept under check with proper medical care and eye drops.
Eye Stye:
Sometimes an abscess filled with pus is, that is caused by bacterial infection. It is a common condition that can be caused by dust, dirt, oil residues and can be treated at home when in a mild condition. But if it seems serious, proper medication and warm/ cold compress can heal it.
Eyes have their own pressure, which might increase over time and damage the optic nerve. This damage creates an eye disorder and can progress if not treated. Glaucoma is a common eye condition but it can lead to permanent blindness if not treated in time. Treatment includes prescription medications, traditional eye surgery, laser surgery, eye drops and many more.
Lazy Eye:
A relatively common eye problem among children is where one eye does not develop vision properly, and in time the brain starts to ignore the vision from the defective eye. With timely detection, proper treatment, lazy eye can be cured and this requires you to check in with your eye doctor as soon as possible.
This is a growth that develops on the conjunctiva or mucous membrane that covers the white part of the eye. In some cases the pterygium can extend to the cornea and needs treatment.
Night Blindness:
This condition makes it tougher to see in low light conditions or at night. This is caused by many conditions, like short sightedness, cataracts, Vitamin A deficiency, retinitis pigmentosa and more. Usually it can be treated to some extent but a medical practitioner; an eye specialist will be able to tell the solutions and options.
About the Author: For more informative articles on vision and eyewear visit gkboptical, where you can learn new tips and tricks, order spectacles and vision aids like prescription sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses.
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