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How Footy Finals Can Help You Live Longer

by Dr Neil Flanagan

posted in Health and Fitness

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If you're an NRL or AFL fan, it's Grand Final time again in Australia. Added to those games, there's the Rugby World Cup and other events guaranteed to keep you occupied and focussed. At this time of the year, the armchair experts have a chance to demonstrate their knowledge of their chosen sports. And when the final siren sounds, that'll be it for another year.
Grand Finals and other sporting events can be good for us because they give us something to look forward to. Right now, it might seem important whether or not Hawthorne can make it a three-peat or The Cowboys can win their first premiership, but In a surprisingly short time, most of us will have forgotten who won and all the associated hard-luck stories. As Robert Frost said in the twilight of his life, the main thing that he learned about life during his time was that,'It (life) goes on.'
We know that one of the many things we need if we're planning to live a longer, better life is to always make sure that we have something to look forward to - a future, if you prefer. Studies; The Berlin Aging Study, for example, and stories; such as Viktor Frankl's survival in the Nazi death camps, emphasise and illustrate the importance of having something to look forward to (it doesn't have to be football). Grand Finals and other sporting events play an important part in this process. It's like Stephen King said, 'Get busy living, or get busy dying.'
After the dust has settled after the big games that we've been looking forward to, it's important for all of us participants in the ageing process to make sure that there's always something on the radar of future events. And that event can be highly personal and individual - visiting loved ones, the trip of a lifetime, babysitting grandkids, or whatever. Even those players in the Grand Finals will have to make sure that they, too, have something that they value to look forward to (next year's final, perhaps). Will Rogers was right when he said, 'Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.'
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