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Best Online Business Home Opportunity - What the Experts Think

by A Josiah

posted in Home Based Business

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A question was asked to some of the best internet marketers.

If you were a newcomer and had an extra $1000 what would you do to earn money online and what is the best online business opportunity that you can recommend? Would you build a new Internet business from scratch? Or buy an existing website/business and try to increase revenues? Can you offer some advice?

I think that if you have some money to play with, combined with the determination and grit to run an online business, just go for it. In my opinion the best thing you can do is get into a mentorship program with established businessmen and women who know what they're doing. There are allot of good mentorship programs out there that can help you, Plug in Profits, Leisure Audio Books and Empowerism are some of the better ones that I know about. The best advice I can offer is when you decide which program you wish to join stick with it until you master it, it is very easy to get distracted by a bunch of programs around the internet, most new online marketers make the huge mistake of going from one program to another without mastering any one of them. Choose a good mentorship program and stick with it. This is the best advice I can offer.

I am a big believer is starting out slow, think about what you are very passionate about and what skills you have, you need to put allot of though in getting a good idea. The first thing you need to do is first decide on what kind of business you want to do and then if you can afford buy an existing one that shows potential and promise. A good place to check is Sitepoint, read there sales letters and find out what appeals to you but regardless of what you do always do your research before you spend your money.

There are literally thousands of online businesses you can start. Having money will not necessarily help you be successful until you know exactly what kind of online business you're going to join. You need to evaluate your time and decide how much of the work you can or want to do yourself. If you do have some money hiring outside help would make your business more efficient, but unless you know what you're doing you will not have a clue who to hire and why to hire them. So regardless if you have money or not you need to learn about making money online. The best advice I can offer is to get into an affiliate program where you can capitalize on what is called "earn as you learn" most of these programs are free, this type of program is basically working with big companies that can give you all the knowledge and support that you will need to run your business while earning money at the same time. After learning what to do having some money will come in handy for promotion and advertising. If I had to recommend a program the first one that comes to mind would be Success University.

Hope this information was helpful, if you would like to know more on this topic check out the attached link.

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