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Virtual Touch

by echo

posted in Business : Home Business

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Motorola ROKR series as the first folding phone, ROKRU9 Although there is no second-generation RAZR Series V8 release as glamorous, but with totally natural appearance, dazzling design of the virtual touch-sensitive keys, the advent of this pebble phone went on to win a lot of attention. Despite the slow speed of this phone is listed fade once people's attention, but the dawn of the new year, Motorola has finally launched the machine is still listed on the pace. Recently, this exquisitely designed ROKR music phone series has officially started selling in Italy. To reflect the degree of its importance, Motorola held a public official not only conferences, but also the special theme for the aircraft launched website, so people can ride like a more detailed understanding ROKRU9.
Motorola ROKR U9

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Although ROKRU9 in the overall design and appearance of pebbles in the past Motorola PEBL phone is not much difference, but with OLED external screen on the mirror screen and the integration of elements such as fashion, the sale of the ROKR U9 looks grand, or even more brilliant. The phone is designed as a highlight, ROKRU9 using a 1.45 inches 65K color OLED screen around, so with the Sony Ericsson Z610 mobile phone such as when the phone is in standby mode, the screen will be hidden, so that phone also seemed to smooth as a mirror surface. Even more unusual is that, ROKR U9 is also introduced for the OLED screen on top of the RAZRV8 touch sensitive keys when the virtual mode of operation, when you start music playback, they can easily control the phone with your fingers music playback.
Motorola ROKR U9

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Motorola ROKRU9 also equipped with a Linux-based operating system MOTOMAGX platform, equipped with a 2.0-inch QVGA (240 × 320 pixels) resolution 260,000 color TFT main screen, and the user interface, such as switches and 9 Palace theme format display mode is hardly any difference with the RAZRV8. At the same time as a ROKR series phone, music functions as a natural feature on the phone this pebble prominent focus. The machine is not only the design of dedicated music keys, and is provided on the WMA/MP3/AAC/AAC + / AAC + music formats such as support documents, and can easily synchronized with WindowsMediaPlayer11 music player. The phone has 25MB of memory on the basis of the fuselage, but also through micro-SD memory card expansion of storage capacity of the phone to the maximum capacity of 4GB.

Motorola ROKRU9 also built 200-megapixel camera, but not with self-timer lens and flash photography and other auxiliary facilities. To capture maximum resolution of 1200 × 1600 pixel still images, and support full-screen viewfinder shooting, support for up to 8 times digital zoom function, and provide a wealth of shooting aid options, supports three picture quality and regulation of three scenes, etc. can shoot video recording QCUF specifications. In addition, ROKRU9 also supports Bluetooth and stereo Bluetooth headset capabilities, built-in USB2.0 interface, and provides a fairly comprehensive wireless networking. GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz networks and support GPRS / EDGE technology, with MOTO NICAM, Java application extensions and e-mail.

Learned that this ROKR series when the phone is equipped with 770 mA standard battery, charger, USB cable, and Stereo Bluetooth Headset S9 cases, mobile phone sales price 250 About the Author:

I am an expert from China Manufacturers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as hypertherm plasma cutter , heat shrink gun.

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