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Market America Scam? Another Company Where Most People Do Not Succeed

by Kim Tarr

posted in Business : Home Business

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The Market America Scam is a sticky matter with people that defend the claim and those that say it is nothing more than a mix-up. So, when the topic is brought up, expect to hear a mixture of thoughts on the matter. The basic idea behind the claims is that Market America is a pyramid scheme. This is not the case. The only challenge with this group is they fail to have effective formal training to their distributors. This explains why so many folks are not thriving in this business.

When people get started in the network marketing industry, it is a real shock. A couple things happen. First, people realize that if you want to earn an income, it requires work, a lot of work. Second, this industry is nothing like anything else that most of us are used to. It is almost a culture shock to people that do not have a background in sales or marketing. Third, the person getting involved must be motivated to work. There is no boss telling you when to work or for how long, so the person really has to be focused and not be detracted during their working time.

Before you join this company be sure to ask your sponsor about the training that they have. You will want to know if the team you join provides any training. Remember, that is one of the biggest issues faced by Market America along with most network marketing companies. This does not mean that these businesses are scams. If you are already involved in the business and you are not provided proper training, then seek it out. There are plenty of places that can give you ideas, strategies, mentorship and guidance.

There is no Market America scam, just the inability to properly train new team members the right way to get them results. Many teams claim that they train on internet marketing when it fact, all they do is post there company website all over the internet. This is not internet marketing and will not grow your business to a significant level. You must establish an online presence and get your name out there. It is called personal branding. People are so focused on building their business that they miss what is really important when building a business and that is building you. Promote you. People join people, not businesses.


About the Author:

Don't be like the majority of people and fail with Market America. If you are serious about quiting your job, getting out of debt, and spending more precious time with the ones that you love instead of at work, get educated by leaders in the industry that have built empires online. To gain access to free Market America training that will put your business in profit mode, click here: Market America Scam.

To learn more about the author and how she can help you build your Market America business, click here: Kim Tarr  

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