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3 Things to Do With Your Grass Clippings

by Skye Whitlock

posted in Home Improvement

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Wondering what to do with all the grass clippings that lays scattered all over your grass after mowing? If you want to avoid grass being tracked in the house after your grass is freshly mowed, here are a few suggestions:
1. Mulch
Many people prefer to have their grass clippings mulched. Mulch is a coat of material that is placed on top of the soil surface. It can bring many benefits such as: improving the health of the soil, decreasing the amount of weed growth, increasing the visual aesthetics of the mulched area, or conserving moisture.
Mulching mowers make it quite easy to complete this task. These mowers have special blades that allow them to cut clippings smaller and spread them across your grass, which makes this option very appealing. This simple process is an easy way to enhance the health and beauty of your yard.
2. Bag Them
Bagging grass clippings is an option if you don't want to leave them on your lawn. After bagging your clippings or leaves you can dispose of them in your waste container with your other garbage. You can also easily add them to your composter.
Want to dispose of your clippings in an environment-friendly way? Some cities allow you to pay a monthly fee for a green waste container that you can add your clippings, leaves, and small branches to. Then the city will pick up your green waste and dispose of it at a green waste composting facility. Check with your city to see if this is an option they provide.
If you are adding your clippings to your green waste container do not leave your clippings bagged. However, if you are adding them to your regular waste container you should leave them in a disposable bag.
There is more than one way to bag your grass clippings:
  • Many lawn mowers come with a bag that will collect clippings so you can easily dump them into your composter or add them to your green waste container.

  • Use a vacuum such as the STIHL SH 56 C-E Shredder Vacuum Blower or STIHL SH 86 C-E Shredder Vacuum Blower to easily suck up your clippings. Then dump the contents of the bag into your green waste container or into a bag for regular waste disposal.

  • Get your kids involved. Have them rake up the clippings and scoop them into a bag for disposal or dump the clippings into an easy to lift bucket and add them to your green waste, garbage, or composter.

3. Leave Them
Don't have a mulching mower? Too busy to bag your clippings? Don't worry about it - just leave your clippings on your grass. If you are regularly mowing your lawn so that you only need to clip an inch or less off the top of your grass, you may choose to leave your clippings alone. This is an easy way to mulch your clippings to enrich the soil and reduce weed growth.
A Simple Tip to Clean Your Walk Ways
Edging and mowing often leave grass along walk ways and drive ways. To easily clean up sidewalks, driveways, patios, and other areas grass clippings may land during mowing, simply blow or sweep them back onto the grass. You can also use a vacuum blower to suck up and back the clippings so they don't fly back to the walk ways.
No matter how much time and energy you have to devote to cleaning up after mowing, these tips can make it less of a burden when dealing with grass clippings.
About the Author:
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