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Easy Secrets To Brighten Up A Gloomy Room

by Lam Bong

posted in Home and Family

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Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling happy and bright? Or do you want to impress your friends and family on the look of your house? If you want your house to look bright, here are 8 easy tips to lighten up a gloomy room.

1. Install as many light bulbs as you can.

The more light bulbs you have in your room, the brighter your room will be. The best lights are the incandescent ones which gives a bright warm colour to the room. Try to avoid light bulbs that are red or blue coloured as these coloured light bulbs can make you feel gloomy.

2. Install a big chandelier.

Chandeliers can significantly brighten up a gloomy room. They can also help to spread light more evenly. They can make dark places glow with a warm bright light!

3. Add plants to the room.

When you add plants to a room, it creates a natural lively atmosphere. Plants represent living entities which grow and give life. Having plants is a great way to give your room a positive atmosphere. Just one small pot plant can make a dim room feel cosy and uplifting.

4. Remove or hide small objects. If you have small objects that are about the size of golf balls or smaller, they can make your room feel depressing and messy. This is because these sized objects make you room feel cluttered and untidy. Therefore, if you have small objects like these, it is best to store them away like cupboards or drawers. Only take them out when needed.

5. Keep room clean.

A tidy room is a happy room. It gives the room a welcoming feeling which can make your friends or guests feel happier.

6. Have at least one window.

A room without any windows is a depressing one. When you enter a room without windows, it makes you feel trapped and claustrophobic. Hence, it is always best to have at least one window in the room.

7. Have as much open space as possible.

The more open space that you have, the more welcoming and friendlier it is. You don't feel trapped when you have a big open space in the room.

8. Paint your room with bright colours.

Bright colours such as pink, blue and yellow can make a gloomy room feel homely and warm. Avoid dark colours like brown or grey as they are hard sterile colours which represent depression and sadness.

About the Author:

Lam Bong is an Author living in Sydney, Australia. He is interested in reading and creating websites. His latest website is about Mens Zip Off Trousers and finding the best Mens Zip Off Trouser on the web today.

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