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6 Secrets To Reduce Your Electricity Bills

by Lam Bong

posted in Home and Family

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Have you ever wanted to save more money every month? Or is your biggest expense every month your electricity bill? If so, then you must have a huge electricity bill. Here are 6 secret ways on how to reduce your electricity bill significantly and easily!

1. Use gas appliances only

Gas usage is generally cheaper than electricity. If you use gas instead of electricity, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars off of your electricity bill every month. Therefore, try to use you gas appliance more often. For example, use your gas stove to fire your hot water, rather than using your electric kettle.

2. Use laptops instead of your desktop computer

Laptops are designed to be energy efficient. Laptop computers have special software to shut down certain hardware components when they are not in use. Most desktop computers doesn't have this function. Therefore, laptops help you to save electricity and hence your electricity bill.

3. Turn off you electricity mains when not in house

When you are not in your house, it is best to turn off all electricity in your house. This is because when you are not in the house, you have no need to use electricity at that current moment. By turning off the electricity at the mains, you stop wasteful appliances from wasting precious electricity. For example, you can turn off the electricity mains when you leave for work. This will put a lot of cash in your pocket by saving electricity using this method.

4. Use energy efficient light bulbs

An energy efficient light bulb reduces power consumption by at least ninety per cent compared to ordinary light bulbs. This is a lot of power savings than can translate in more financial savings for you. Energy efficient light bulbs also tend to last longer and are reliable than ordinary light bulbs.

5. Use battery operated appliances

Battery operated appliances are usually more energy efficient than power mains operated appliances. Therefore it is helpful to replace appliances that don't need power mains to battery operated appliances such as clocks, radios and some light bulbs.

6. Install solar panels

Solar panels receive unlimited energy for free. You do not need to use your mains power at all if you install your solar panels correctly. In some cases, you can charge the electricity company money if you give them energy from your solar panel. The only problem with solar panels is that they are initially expensive to install and purchase. However, you can easily make that money back in a few years.

About the Author:

Lam Bong is an Author living in Sydney, Australia. He is interested in reading and creating websites. His latest website is about Weed Killers for Lawns and finding the best weed killers for lawns on the web today.

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