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The New Purpose of Commercial Cleaning Products

by Sam Paul

posted in Home and Family

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Originally, commercial cleaning products were there to keep your shop floors clean, along with your kitchens and your offices. And, of course, they still are. That's not all that modern cleaning supplies UK are about, though. There's been a bit of a tectonic shift in the way that businesses and their suppliers relate to cleaning products, as a slow burning result of all the conferences, initiatives and undertakings that world nations have partaken in surrounding the idea of global warming. Resource use and carbon emissions are now joint number one in the charts of things that have to be considered when making and supplying a product – with a particular onus and emphasis on those products that traditionally require a lot of packaging and resource use. Commercial cleaning products, which are used in huge quantities all over the UK, are one of the prime targets for environmental change: these days, responsible production is the new ruler of cleaning supplies UK. The products now don't just have to keep everything clean – they also have to save the earth.


There's always been a bit of an ironic twist to the use of cleaning products in an industrial environment. It is clearly the "job" of a commercial cleaning product to keep a premise clean and hygienic: in other words, to prolong its safe use and to protect it from harm. The thing is, commercial cleaning products are usually among the worst culprits when it comes to things like environmental damage or resource use. They require vast quantities of packaging, which is usually plastic (and so carries the double trouble of creating CO2 emissions when it is made, and being both toxic and non degradable when it is binned). So what you have is a situation where cleaning products UK (traditionally, though things are changing – as we are about to reveal) are protecting the insular environments of single businesses or industries: but harming the world we all live in.


So: the new function of commercial cleaning products is to find a way of cleaning and making industrial environments safe, without harming the global environment. Sounds like a pretty tall order – and indeed many major cleaning product suppliers would have you believe that it is pretty much impossible. They might even have you believe that this is impossible, were it not for the actions, and product, of a small British supplier of cleaning products UK – which has developed and marketed an all purpose cleaning product that ticks every box on the environmentalist's lists.


This wonder product uses virtually no packaging and lasts for months without a need to order more. It has the smallest carbon footprint imaginable (it's made and packaged two miles from the depot that delivers it) and it works so well as a cleaning product that a large number of British retailers, national superstores and even government bodies have switched to using it for all their cleaning needs.


So, there you have it. The future of commercial cleaning products is upon us: thanks to a rather unassuming bunch from the middle of England. All other cleaning products UK beware: it's time to change, or lose out to the new environmentally friendly cleaners.

About the Author:

New generation cleaning supplies uk and commercial cleaning products are making huge savings not just in money terms, but for the planet. And they work well, too. For more information please visit

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