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A Focus on Quality Series: Language Development

by Nadine Brown

posted in Home and Family

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What triggers language development and language milestones? Babbling is an extremely important component of language development. It is my opinion that language is reflexive and cannot be stopped. In fact, I believe it may even be hardwired and triggered by motherhood in both mothers and their babies.
Mothers and babies that babble develop important language milestones that last a lifetime. Babble back because mothers and children who don't babble may be experiencing developmental delays in language development. It is not normal not to talk and babble.
An 18-24 month old baby who babbles will begin to speak. A child under three will begin to ask and understand the word why. A three year old child can speak three word sentences. Three and four year olds can give you their name and age. Five year olds know the colors. Five year olds can count and write to ten. All of these language milestones or important. Mothers and babies should babble on.
Other areas of curriculum development include several song time songs written for three to five year old children and of course no language development course is complete without the alphabet.
The importance of language development and milestones is very evident when teaching the alphabet to children. The alphabet begins with important letters and building blocks and the sounds which eventually make words and sentences. Three to five year olds should be able to make vowel and consonant sounds and say and sing the alphabet. This age group should also be able to combine letters to make words and short sentences.
The concept of language and having caregivers in place to carry on these concepts as parents recover from having their baby is an important concept. The concept of parents understanding these concepts is important too. The best advice I could give anyone is be prepared to handle these important years of language development and growth.
The ongoing writing on language milestones is part of continued academic thought on the subject. There are different schools of thought on the topic of baby babble that is why writing thoughts down is so important. This article A Focus on Quality Series: Language Development is a good start to academic thought on this important subject. Can you imagine a world were people do not speak? Well I cannot imagine this concept. This is the reason why academic thought and writing is necessary. Babble on!
About the Author: This article is for further academic writing and research.Learn more about the author at The article focuses on language milestones, parenting, home and family. It is soul searching on the topic of those first few years of being a mom and I hope everyone who reads it Babbles On!
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