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The Four Seasons (2)

by Ola Femi

posted in Home and Family

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In autumn I lose every sense of fear, I just dare to take those steps. This season gives me so many reasons to let go of my pain and regrets. Cautiously I thread, patiently I wait for the right time to manifest the virtues buried deep down my soul. It is awesome to be in autumn, a very good sign hope is right at the corner. The breeze teases my skin which makes it glow in a subtle cascading shades of brightness. In total appreciation I close my eyes and absorb the air like it will soon be gone; like a very sick soul on the hospital bed. A season that has its own unique touch of mushiness is really a sight to behold, which is why it is wise to hold on to this lasting memory.
As the day and night race each other, autumn gradually fades away leaving me in total ecstasy and climax. Spring springs my way without a warning, now am about to bask in the scenery of beauty and freshness. The air tastes like champagne; I desire to take a drink of it forever if eternity permits. Love springs forth in spring time just to put a beautiful smile on your hopeful face. A season that has a mind of its own is surely one to behold and feel. Spring! Spring! Spring! I just want to bust out into a singing frenzy. See has the gardens glorify this season, the flowers and trees blossom with ease.
The birds are on the verge of talking because what they behold chirping cannot unfold. Suddenly I feel cold and gloomy, the feeling of excitement is creeping away then I realize winter is on its way. My skin find it hard to hide its feeling, the hairs on it curl up in total submission and surrender. Where have the birds gone, silence is all that exist in the gardens. Flowers are buried under the heavy snow. The fog blows without reservations or pity. Now my bed and its accessories have become very dependable companions. Smiles have become so cold; hugs are now longer, while the jokes are gradually running out. This season connotes something words may not be able to project.
Though everywhere looks clean and white, but irony is all that the brightness celebrates, I keep asking winter when it is going, because its presence is no longer welcomed. I see sunlight far away, it seems summer is on its way. I feel sweaty and hot, I just keep drinking water like a camel travelling through the Sahara. Wow summer is around, let us rejoice.
Good riddance to bad rubbish, winter is gone. The sky suddenly brightens up, the reflection of the sun give to it a touch of bright yellow, like the sun flower. A good time to bring the love outside let the world see and feel it. Absorb the energy and feel the power, summer is here for as long as your mind can take it. Keep some inside so you don't go out finding the sunlight when it fades away into the arm of twilight...
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