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Benefits and Tips to Mowing in Fall

by Skye Whitlock

posted in Home and Family

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A Few Benefits of Turf Grass
Many people plant grass to enhance the appearance of their yard, or to make it a safe place for children to play. Some people plant grass so they can enjoy playing and watching sports. But many people who plant grass are unaware of all the benefits that turf grass brings.
  • Turf grass, when properly and regularly maintained, will capture the carbon emitted from lawn mowers. The grass draws the gas into its roots which in turn reduces emissions that would pollute the air we breathe.

  • It is a great source of oxygen. A family of four will receive enough oxygen from just a 50' x 50' lawn.

  • Ground temperatures are more easily controlled where turf grass is planted. The grass essentially acts like an outdoor AC unit.

  • Do you get a lot of runoff water? Turf grass is a great way to reduce runoff as it works like a sponge to soak up excess water.

Why Continue to Mow During Fall?
When fall weather settles in many people retreat to the indoors. The summer activities are over, school has started for the year, and many businesses are busy preparing for winter holidays. It is no wonder many people forget to mow their lawns in the fall. But mowing through the fall months is essential to ensuring a lush lawn come spring.
If your grass is continuing to grow despite the cooler temperatures, it will benefit from a simple mow. Fortunately, because grass growth slows in the fall, the interval between each mow increases, saving you more time in between each mow for your busy fall tasks.
The biggest reason to continue to mow during the fall is to ensure the health of your turf grass. Keeping your grass shorter in the fall than in the previous warmer months will help reduce the risk of disease, fungus, and snow mold during the cooler seasons. Mowing in the fall will save you from having to treat or dig up the grass you worked so hard to maintain all summer. It will also save you the time, energy, and money required to plant new grass seed in the spring.
Tips for Mowing in the Fall Months:
  • Stop mowing when the daily average temperature is below 50° for a continuous week.

  • When mowing for the last two times of the year, move your mower's blade to the lowest setting. This will help the sunlight reach more of the grass.

  • Keep you grass shorter than 3 inches to reduce the risk of snow mold.

  • Be sure to keep your mower blade sharp to ensure a clean, sharp cut and to avoid various grass diseases.

Mowing Doesn't Have to Be a Chore
Do you often feel like mowing is the worst outdoor chore there is? It requires so much time and energy to mow and to maintain your lawn mower. But mowing the lawn doesn't have to be a chore. It can be a game!
If you have a walk-behind mower, and dislike the effort required to push it across your entire yard, you may find joy in replacing it for a riding mower.
Sometimes a little music while mowing can help lessen the stress and pain of mowing. You can also see how far you can get before the song ends. Set a goal of finishing the lawn before a set amount of songs are over and reward yourself with your favorite treat or activity if you make or beat your goal.
Do you have children? Lessen your yard work load by teaching your older children to mow. If you have younger children you can invite them to be part of a game by letting them set up an obstacle course for you to complete while mowing the lawn.
Also, remember that the benefits of having turf grass will last longer than the time it takes to finish mowing your lawn.
About the Author:
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