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The Know-How to Find the Best Cold Sore Medicine

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Infections

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The abundant information and reviews on the cold sore medicines floating around makes the choice of the best cold sore medicine quite challenging. However, it is important to understand that know-how involved in making this choice for this would prove to be utile when you are forced to make the choice in future for the sake of a beloved one at home.

Points to Contemplate

When it comes to identifying the best cold sore medicine, it is imperative the following pointers are to be considered in detail.

Stage of Infection: This is one of the very critical factors that need to be pondered upon when choosing the best cold sore medicine for you. There are different cold sore medicines that have proven to be powerful at different stages of the infection. For example, Aberva testifies to be effective when used before the onset of blisters and during the tingling stage while zovirax testifies to be powerful when used even after the appearance of blisters.

Principle of Working: Understanding the principle of working and the effects of using the medicine is really worth considering since most of the cold sore medicines aim at relieving the patient from the irritation and inflammation rather than expelling the viruses out of the system. Opting for such medications would result in the viruses remaining in passive state within your system which might get reactivated during a future infection.

Cost: This is one of the very major factors since one can always resort to medications that are financially viable. While prescription cold sore medicines like zovirax prove to be expensive due to the unavailability of equivalent generic medicine, over the counter cold sore medicines like Aberva can be pretty much affordable.

Effectiveness: The capability of the medicine to alleviate the pain and inconvenience is very important. Generic medicines like Tylenol are just plain pain relievers while medicaments like Denavir, Aberva, Zovirax, and Lipsovir are especially meant to being down the soreness resulting from fever blisters.

Side Effects: It is vital to consider the side effects of medications. A few of the cold sore medications are not intended for pregnant and nursing mothers while there are other few that can cause allergy in select people. Hence, when you are choosing the best cold sore medicine, remember to get the details of the probable side effects that they cause in depth.

Making the Final Choice

With the help of the pointers discussed above, you would emphatically be able to list the top 5 out of the myriad medicaments that are in vogue today. However, to make the final choice of the best cold sore medicine for you, it is highly emphasized that you contact your medical practitioner for he is the right person who is well aware of your pre medical conditions in detail.

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