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Save A Relationship After Cheating - The 5 Step Strategy To Recover After Cheating

by JD Dean

posted in Relationships : Infidelity

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If you are desperate to know the answer to "how to save my relationship after cheating" then know that while the road back may be hard, staying the course on that road will be much harder.

The truth is, infidelity is hard to overcome in any relationship. Obviously if it was a one off experiment then forgiving may be easier but if one partner is continually stepping over the line then you've got to ask yourself if you really need to be in this relationship.

We understand you still love your partner and you can make things work but trying to make it work on your own is not going to work. It needs committment from both of you. Without it then your relationship will be "like a ship without a rudder."   

In this article, we'll give you some excellent tips on how to save a relationship after cheating and while some of it may hit home, it's time to "draw a line in the sand" and say "it's my time."

Tip #1. First you have to get to the bottom of the extent of the infidelity. How long has it been going on? How many times have they cheated? Was it a one time episode? This is the crucial first step because unless you know the full truth then reality is that it will likely be just a patch up job and the likelihood of it continuing is strong

Tip #2. Avoid the temptation to get your own back by returning the favor and cheating on your partner. By doing this you've suddenly doubled the problem and in all fairness, if either of you are capable of being unfaithful then simply end the relationship now.

Tip #3. Try to get to the bottom of why your partner strayed. If they are a serial strayer then head for the door but if it is just a one-time occurrence then look for something a little deeper. Look at your behavior as well; is there anything you've done or are doing differently from when you first met. Have your partner be honest with the way he feels about you and the issues he has. In other words, it's time to be honest with each other now and unless you are, it will be difficult moving forward.

Tip #4. Saving your relationship after cheating once you established the underlying cause requires some getting back to the past. In other words, think about when you first met. What you both liked to do together. Start dating again or take a weekend trip away even if it's only and hour or two from where you live. get involved in activities together and most of all, be with friends who treat you as an inseparable couple.

Tip #5. Under no circumstances bring up the past indiscretion. Don't be tempted to get back at your partner in an argument by dredging up their shortcomings of the past.

About the Author:

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