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What Kind of Countertops to Choose for Your Bathroom?

by Hamza

posted in Home Improvement : Interior Design and Decorating

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Choosing a bathroom's countertop requires a little different approach than the one you use while choosing a countertop for your kitchen. The difference of approach comes due to two major factors -- the functionality and designing of both the places (kitchen and bathroom).

While searching across the market, you can find multiple design countertops for your bathroom vanity which may vary from each other with respect to their designs, functionality and durability. However, you need to pick the one that not only suits your budget but is also compatible with your bathroom's overall interior.
"Vanity countertops play a significant role in making a bathroom's style statement; therefore, use a more careful approach to choose the best one," says, Amer Adnan, the CEO of a top construction company in Pakistan.
 Granite: This is a long lasting, stain resistant and is available in a variety of forms. The durable countertop may cost you a bit more but you can save money by using the leftover pieces or by choosing the tiles. Granite also requires an easy maintenance and needs to be sealed every six months or in a year. Instead of using abrasive cleaners with like bleaches, you can use mild liquid detergents to clean it.
Ceramic Tile: The best thing about ceramic tiles is that these are available in a variety of colors, designs and textures and are much more affordable than stone or manufactured slab materials. Usually, people are concerned about its maintenance due to grout; therefore, the best solution is to choose the larger tiles which need less grout. By choosing a colored grout is a smart way of camouflaging the dirt or you can seal it to avoid discoloration.
Marble: If you want to add a classy touch in your bathroom then buying a marble slab is the best option. Although, due to porous surface it catches stains easily, especially if it is unsealed. For a more luxurious feel you can use expensive sealed marble surfaces but if the high price is your concern then you can use marble tiles.

Stainless Steel:  For a classic bathroom, stainless-steel countertops are the best as these maintain a highly luxurious look with their reflective and smooth surface. Whether it is the matter of durability, maintenance or design, the steel countertops surpass every other material because these do not get stains and are comparatively easier to clean. However, price could become a concern because these are highly expensive.
Laminate: This is also one of the most common countertops popular for being easy to clean and maintain. Laminate countertops are also available in a variety of colors, patterns and are highly affordable. These are also easy to maintain and are durable enough. This has only one drawback that it cannot be repaired if gets peeled, chipped or faded.  
Glass Countertop:  Glass may be a good choice if you just take the designing aspect but this is difficult to maintain and is more delicate to be used in a bathroom located in a high traffic area. However, choosing a glass countertop for guestroom's bathroom could be good choice because this is not used as frequently. For a high-traffic bathing place, especially in children's bathroom, glass is never a good choice.
Solid-Surfacing: This comes in the synthetic forms and takes the look of natural stone. The good thing about solid surface countertops is that these are available at highly affordable rates in the market. This is much more durable and requires minor maintenance.  
To make an ideal choice for your bathroom's countertop, you need to hire the services of a top Pakistani construction company, because the experts here can provide you with the best work within your allocated budget.

About the Author: Hamza, is an experienced editor contributing for the architectural industry and interior designer in Pakistan for more than 10 years...
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