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It's the Little Things That Make You Succeed Online

by Dan H Grijzenhout

posted in Internet and Businesses Online

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There is a lot of good advice out there if you look for it that helps you make your online business actually work to generate income for you. There are also a lot of things you can do wrong or simply overlook that will hurt you in building and in running your online "Enterprise" day to day.
To build your business, take the time to get all the pieces working together correctly. For example:
  • If you desire to create and monetize YouTube videos, know that you are not just "Monetized" and automatically earning AdSense revenue when you get approved for an AdSense account and then select the "Monetize" button in your YouTube "Channel" settings and the button turns green. You actually still have to link your YouTube account to the AdSense system by a further step that isn't on the surface obvious - unless you have gone through Google's Help documentation and have found this step. Under the YouTube "Channel" tab and within the "Monetization" sub tab, there is a section called "Guidelines and Information" with a set of questions below them. You actually have to click on the question "How Can My Videos Make Money" to bring up another button you have to click in order to connect your YouTube account to your AdSense account. Then you can generate actual AdSense income from your public and monetized YouTube videos when approved - process can take up to a day or two to complete.

  • Do not ignore the automation of an e-mail capture/marketing system and the building of a good "E-Mail Capture Page" for your business. You can't grow your business over time on new purchasers that hit your "Content/Product" locations on a one-off basis only. You have put in the work to initially draw the people to you, now you have to preserve that connection and build the relationships with them over time to grow a business. The best way to do this is to capture their e-mail address and to then periodically send them useful information, offers, coupons, additional content, etc.

  • Keep studying to learn more. You can learn about products that will help your business, how to set things up correctly on different sites you want to belong to, how to use the tools you purchase correctly and more. The Internet is a wonderful, no-cost training centre. I personally watch a lot of YouTube "Guru" created videos when I take work breaks. From them, I am constantly gleaning new nuggets of useful information and insights that help me in my business - and I keep a notebook and pen handy every time I sit down to watch something. I also regularly read articles, follow blogs on topics that interest me and actually follow Pinterest "Knowledge" pins back to their source websites to see what I can learn there. All these things help you learn - so keep studying!

Daily Operation of Your Business
  • Don't get overly bogged down each day staying visible on different social networks. For example, "tweeting" on Twitter, "pinning" on Pinterest, adding photos to Instagram, etc. You have to do this regularly but you also can get lost in them and dissipate all your mental energy just working these platforms. Be disciplined in how much time you allow for this each day and save most of your energy for creating additional content in all its forms. It is new material continuing to appear on your site(s) that keep people attached to you, coming back for more. It has to keep getting out there for you to continue to grow.

  • Don't just keep going to the same place to promote yourself and your business because it is comfortable and you get into a routine. You have to continue to branch out. The Internet is a huge place and you need to explore it and get known wherever it makes sense as this is what grows your traffic over time. Keep expanding and figure out ways to automate as much of your content distribution and business awareness across this wider spectrum as you can. Many sites have tons of followers that if they know of your existence, your traffic will grow.

  • Stick with quality expansion in your traffic building efforts. You don't want to just buy 10,000 website hits from people who could care less about you but are only clicking to get something for themselves through some third party offer on a given day. You want to get the kind of traffic that turns into a subscriber base for you, that wants a relationship with you, and that will promote you to other people they know. This is where you get your real and rewarding growth over time. It's more work, but over time, you build something real.

  • Build the relationships. Take the time for people. It doesn't take much effort to build a real bridge with someone. A few comments or insights shared from time to time and they remember you and you remember them - a bridge is built that might help you both over time. Help them build their businesses or validate their posts or content in some way and they will help you. It actually works that way!

I hope these points made are of use to you. See you soon out on the Internet!
About the Author:
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