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Why Don't Social Media People Blog More?

by Lisa Chilvers

posted in Internet and Businesses Online

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I recently set myself the challenge of blogging more often and, although it's been a challenge at times, I have to say I'm actually enjoying it. It's making my brain work hard and it's definitely testing my writing skills. I'm getting some great feedback and I've noticed a small increase in traffic to all my platforms - website, LinkedIn profile and Twitter.
All good then.
What's really surprised me though, is the response I've got form a few people I've invited to join in and try challenging themselves to do the same;
"I would love to, but I don't have the time"
How true is this really? Are they just using this as an excuse not to give it a go? Who knows?
What's surprised me most, however, is how much rejection has come from those social media "experts" out there.
Whoa! Hold on! Aren't they the ones who are constantly telling us to blog more? I'm sure they're the very people who bash on about the merits of blogging - how it increases your traffic and raises your awareness? Isn't putting more content out there good for my business? Everyone should blog more, according to them.
So why the hell won't they have a go at this challenge?
I'm the first to admit that I sometimes struggle to practice what I preach. I spend far too little time on developing my own business, all the while pontificating how important it is to all my clients. I'm just like the plumber with the perennial dripping tap at home. Just do as I say, not as I do, that's my motto! So is this their problem? Really good at telling others what to do and then not taking their own advice? Maybe.
A very wise man, once told me to be very careful about spending too much time helping others and not helping yourself. One of the most generous people I know, he said it's easy to forget that your own business should always come first and, of course, he's right.
Look, writing a blog on a regular, frequent basis isn't easy. It takes time and effort, but I'm finding it easier as time goes by. Friends and colleagues have kindly given me loads of ideas and inspiration and I'm happy to give them a shout out in the blog as a thank you (it's all complimentary, I can assure you!). Who knows, I might decide to give up next week, but I'm determined to give it my best shot and you know what they say... the journey is more important than the destination, so if I don't get there, at least I'll have learned something along the way.
So, to all of you who have said it's just too hard, good job we don't all think that way otherwise there'd never be any progress. Sometimes we just have to try even if we might fail. And perhaps that's what everyone's afraid of, failing... But then we'd never run our own businesses if we just wanted endless success, surely?
Better to try and fail than never to try at all.
If you don't give it a go, how will you know?
About the Author:
Od 1996 roku B.V. gwarantuje najlepsze ceny i oferuje zakwaterowanie w różnego rodzaju obiektach, począwszy od małych rodzinnych pensjonatów po luksusowe pięciogwiazdkowe hotele. Platforma jest dostępna w ponad 40 językach i są na niej zarejestrowane ponad 1 221 092 obiekty w
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