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Finding Your Website Niche and Chasing SEO

by Dan H Grijzenhout

posted in Internet and Businesses Online

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Improving your SEO standings through both organic growth and also through paid keyword searches takes a significant amount of effort. Google AdWords has a great tool to help you find keywords you might use to improve your SEO standings in your niche business but have you ever thought about taking the reverse approach - that of using a keyword research strategy to help you find a good niche that you can then build a website, blog, videos, etc. to develop on and capitalize on opportunities found when doing keyword research? There are online entrepreneurs who do that very thing. Over time, they will develop multiple revenue streams by starting with keyword research and then building multiple sites and multiple businesses to support them. They share their underlying developed technology infrastructures across these different business ventures because they have learned that these are reusable. They just put different content on top of these systems and then promote them in accordance with the formulas for success that they have developed.
I know of several entrepreneurs who takes this approach and they are doing extremely well. They have learned the formulas for building good automated business and systems processes coupled with the highest impact marketing strategies and they then basically "cookie cutter" online businesses using these formulas to succeed. They differ from the vast majority of people who think in terms of just starting one business online - hoping they can make it succeed so they can make a few extra dollars. These individuals know what they need to do to find opportunities online, to develop them and then to harvest the rewards from them over time to make really significant incomes. One individual who has shared his business model with me makes well over $100K in revenue per month. Have you dared to dream that high? He didn't at first either. In fact, he only started down this path because he was laid off at work and he just decided to make the best use of his time while off work and at home.
So how do they do it? Well, assume that the technical infrastructure for a business is in place and solidified through use on other projects they have completed. I am talking about content promotion tools and strategies, web hosting and basic template web development, e-mail marketing subscriber capture systems, etc. They know that they can clone this when they are ready to implement the new project so they start with some serious "Keyword" based niche opportunity research. This research looks something like this.
They start by researching what a number of good trending directions might be - what is hot out there. They can do this by doing a number of things such as
  • Sending out questionnaires to their existing subscriber base with general questions about what interests them, what kind of queries do they usually put through on Google, what kind of videos do they like to watch on YouTube, etc. (Note: this also has the added benefit of keeping them interacting with their subscribers, keeping them close... )

  • They check a few several news sites, blog sites, job sites, etc. to see what is trending, what industries and jobs are currently being hired for, etc.

  • They think through these ideas to determine which ones they feel they know enough about or can learn enough about so they can soon be posting and providing insightful content to interested consumers. They use this to "short-list" their opportunities. Two guiding questions they usually ask themselves when short-listing their niche selections, by the way, are "Can I help people? And: Are people interested in learning more about this?" If yes to both, the opportunity makes the short-list and they start their keyword research to see which topics/niches give them the best chance of success.

Keyword and Niche Research - Drilling it Down
The primary goal of this research is to see which niches and keywords give them the best opportunity to make the first page or two in a Google search. Google searches, key on the following criteria - and these criteria are built into SEO and keyword search products made available from a number of vendors:
Domain Authority: Are there many domains out there that have already been paid for that are trying to go after the same niches and keywords we are thinking about using?
Page Authority: Are there many webpages out there that specifically use the keywords we are looking to promote in what we are building? What does the competition look like?
SEO "MOZ": Website rankings - uses a number of different criteria to determine the rankings of websites on a developed, comparative scale. This scaling system is used by researchers to determine how tough the competition is to beat in order to get to the best spots on page one of the Google search results page.
Page Links: The higher the amount of third party site "Linkbacks" to the primary site, the higher competitors will appear in the Google search results rankings. For example, a site with less than 50 quality 3rd party link backs can often be dislodged from page one of the Google search rankings. But if the website has say 250 or more "Linkbacks", then that usually means that they have been working to optimize for their SEO rankings and high Google search results so they would be difficult to dislodge from page 1 of the Google search results.
Looking at the above collective criteria, if the researcher finds that there is a lot of stiff competition for the top 10 spots on Google (using the research tools I mention following), then the researcher knows to pursue another niche and collection of keywords. The tools that can help the research determine these rankings (and the sites themselves will help you know what the ranking levels mean - so read their documentation and understand it are listed below. I'll start with the free ones:
  • Google AdWords: Use the Google AdWords Keyword search tool for a starting point. FYI: You will need to actually have an AdWords account to use some of the tools listed below so you'd best be making signing up for AdWords your first step in your process.

  • The MOZ site: (Use the "Open Site Explorer" tool to get good starting point analytical data after you've done some initial work with the Google AdWords Keyword search tool.

  • SEMRUSH: A good site to obtain more detailed keyword analytical data.

  • Indeed site: Has a good trends in job search utility at the bottom of the page to see what jobs are currently in demand (check it out if you are contemplating building some form of training or educational site)

  • SEO Rank Smart: This site contains a good Google Page Rank checker.

  • Good site to research MOZ rankings

It takes a fair bit of manual work to learn how to use these sites and then to glean the "useful nuggets" of data out of them but remember, you have to dig through a lot of dirt to make a living panning for gold. (I got this quote from a Pat Flynn podcast that he put on). Check him out - you will learn a lot about SEO and keyword searching from him - not to mention how to be successful as an online entrepreneur. He has been very successful at this.
There are a couple of tools you can purchase to make your keyword and niche researching work easier. And the top two of these that come to mind are Long-tail Pro and Market Samurai. And these tools do make your research a lot easier; they combine the work of several free products into one and will save you a lot of time if you are regularly doing this sort of research.
In closing, there are some very good videos I have viewed on YouTube while researching and learning how to do SEO properly so I recommend you take a look there to add to your learning on the subject. Pat Flynn, who I mentioned earlier, has published some particularly good work on YouTube on this topic.
About the Author:
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