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PHP Is a Solution for Faster and Simpler Web Development

by Rohit K.

posted in Internet and Businesses Online

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Web development is a time consuming task that needs efforts, not from an individual, but from a full-fledged team that works on a single project for its successful completion. In this fast growing world, technology is changing every day, so with the technology PHP is also there to strike the market instead of using existing platforms. With the core PHP, the web development was quite difficult and engineers found it hard to implement. But with several changes, PHP became easy to implement and then as the scope of implementation reached to the other level, the benefits of PHP made the web development easy and no more a time-consuming task. PHP development follows the MVC structure where everything has a predefined flow. PHP framework is complex to understand, but once it is understood then the process of web development becomes easy. Some of the basic things to consider while developing a website on PHP are:
  • Emphasis on coding for better file organization

The PHP framework works on the folder structure and necessary to follow all the standards related to syntax and semantics used to implement the PHP framework. Also the files are well-arranged in the folders.
  • Follow the MVC pattern

The market is overloaded with the frameworks, but it is necessary to follow the MVC pattern for all the frameworks needed to maintain the code. The code is divided into a model-representing data structure, views- containing templates and page output and controllers- handles page requests and covers all the components together. With this pattern, it becomes an easy and clean way to maintain codes.
  • Security- an important aspect to keep in mind

Security is one of the important features of PHP development which is added to the web development. There are numerous ways to input and output the data, so here the chances of hacking increases, hence an aspect of security become one of the important aspect which should be considered. It can be used manually in the PHP core, but really a hard task to complete. With the help of a framework, the tiresome task becomes an easy task which can be completed within half of the time as compared to the PHP core. For example, when a value is given to the database, the objects are filtered using an SQL injection and a framework which gives this level of security.
  • Minimization of code

Once the developer learns to know to use the PHP framework, then it becomes quite easy for the developer to use it and it takes fewer lines to code that result in output generation.
About the Author:
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