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Email Marketing Intro

by John Kournianos

posted in Internet and Businesses Online

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This is one of the most cost effective marketing methods to promote your business. In order to perform an effective e-mail campaign, you need the correct information to achieve your targeted results.
E-mail marketing is a direct marketing method that makes use of email to communicate an advertising message to your target market. It is the process of sending messages to your customers in order to make them do business with you again and in return you strengthen their confidence to your business and yourself. Another way to use email marketing is to create new customers and convince them to purchase something at once.
This method has a lot of advantages by using it in internet marketing. One of them is that almost all, if not all, Internet users, have an e-mail account that they check on a daily basis and more often. By holding these emails, advertisers can easily reach those clients and sell them a product/service or even build more trust and confidence between them and all of this is doable in a short period of time and with cost effective results.
In email marketing we will find two basic categories: Direct emails and Retention emails.
When marketers wants to have immediate sells or sign ups to their lists or even to promote their new website, and in more generic words they are looking for immediate results, then they prefer to use Direct emails for that purposes and that's why they call them like that! Most of the times this kind of emails is used to an already existing email list, with an already existing level of trust and reliability between the marketer and the customers, of that list!
In the other hand the Retention emails they are giving a more informational content to the clients in order to achieve a long term impact in the customer's mind. They have a totally different design and writing build, they are much bigger than the Direct emails and they need more time and inspiration to build them right! Most of the times these kind of emails are used from marketers in order to build a new email list or expand an already having list with more emails!
To be successful in email marketing you have to follow and repeat 3 critical steps that will determine your career in online marketing,
1) You have to build an email list full of emails that are hungry and ready to do what you want them to do.
2) You must maintain that email list fresh and "battle ready" and
3) You must expand this list with new emails at any possible way!
Do like this and the results will be incredibly!
About the Author: For More Online Marketing Information And Tips Check This Blog
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