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Top Ten Tips - Choosing An Affiliate Network To Promote

by Terry L Dee

posted in Internet and Businesses Online

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There are so many affiliate programs and networks available that it can be a veritable minefield when it comes to choosing a suitable product to promote. Hopefully in this article we will be able to provide you with some useful tips for choosing your affiliate network or program.
1. Paper Sift:
Our first tip is to list and paper sift potential networks and products. This is easily done by making a long list of prospects and just deleting anything that looks remotely amateurish, unprofessional or downright dubious. This will provide you with a viable shortlist.
2. Hobbies & Interests:
When starting out as an affiliate marketer it is often best to choose a product to promote that you have an interest in. This could be a hobby a work related product or anything that sparks your interest. The real main advantage here is your enthusiasm for the product will be at an all-time high.
3. Quality:
This is linked to the first tip, but here you will be carrying out a more in-depth analysis of the network and its product. Quality always sells and the price is not usually a problem; this is great for commissions.
4. Referrals & Reviews:
Before you sign up or take on any affiliate product do some due diligence. Go online and do some initial research, check out the forums, blogs, look at reviews from other affiliates etc. If there is anything negative to be said about a network then you can be sure it will be mentioned repeatedly online.
5. Market Growth:
This one is not always so easy to predict. Try to associate yourself with products that are current and have the potential to grow. Such products will be welcomed and promoted by the better networks. Old outdated and products of poor quality will not appear in the top networks.
6. Residual Income:
You want to be well rewarded for your efforts as an affiliate marketer, so don't consider any program that offers no residual income or a residual income that doesn't compensate you for your time and effort.
7. Pyramid Schemes:
Be very careful of joining networks or programs that offer multi-tier commission payments. Some of these may be perfectly legitimate as MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is a recognized business practice, however there are many "red ribbon" type packages that promise the earth but require you to fill someone else's bank account before you receive any payment. Products associated with such schemes are also usually of inferior quality. With such networks, you may have to fill minimum quotas before getting paid anything, just be very careful.
8. Resources:
It's very important that you select a network or vendor who will be able to provide you with as many tools and resources as are necessary for you to promote the product or service. This will include sales letters, banners, possibly product training videos etc. The better networks and product vendors all go out of their way to provide you with as much help as possible, after all it's in their best interest.
9. Customer Service:
This one is very important. Does your network or vendor provide customer service? Large networks will be able to provide ongoing 24/7 customer service, but smaller vendors will only be able to provide simple email backup which will probably only last for a few short months.
10. Continuity:
When a network provider is able to offer ongoing customer service, new product supply and generally display growth then you can take heart that this network or program is a professional setup that will have your interests covered. Commissions offered may not be anywhere near as high as some of the less scrupulous vendors but by using a professional you will be building a long-term business.
It's imperative that you make yourself aware of the type of network or program that you are joining. The bottom line is that it is your reputation and authority as an affiliate marketer that is at stake.
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