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What Should You Put in Your Backyard Bird House?

by linkroll

posted in Home Improvement : Landscaping Outdoor Decorating

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Having a backyard bird house is a wonderful way to introduce birds of all kinds into your garden, but it also helps to know how to look after those birds when they arrive.

Of course, different areas of the country (and the world) will have different kinds of birds in the neighborhood, so it pays to find out what birds are native to your area. If you do this you will be able to get the right foods for them which they will enjoy when they find your new backyard bird house and come to investigate for the first time.

The great thing about having a backyard bird house is that the birds will know that there is always somewhere to come for food. That’s why you should make sure that you always put fresh food out for them and top it off whenever necessary.

What Foods Do You Need To Provide?

The majority of larger stores will sell bird seeds that are good for attracting a wider range of birds to your backyard bird house. Nuts are also a good bet, since a lot of birds will eat these. You should make sure your backyard bird house is capable of repelling other animals though, who will steal the nuts and seeds you have left out for your birds if given half a chance. Squirrels can be a problem in some areas, although the better backyard bird house will have been built to deter them from getting to the food you put inside.

Peanuts are also a big favorite, although they are quite large and could pose a problem for smaller birds. Luckily the design of the best backyard bird house will bear this in mind, as many of them will have a barrier in place to prevent the seeds and nuts from falling out, as well as preventing birds from taking larger nuts with them in one go. Nibbling at them is a far nicer prospect and it means there is some left for everyone.

Once you have your backyard bird house in place and filled with fresh food, you will be able to sit and enjoy the sight of the birds coming into your garden to grab the food you have left for them. You might even want to get yourself a bird spotting book, so that you can become familiar with your new friends who come to visit every day.

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