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Different Bee Species

by linkroll

posted in Home Improvement : Landscaping Outdoor Decorating

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There are actually quite a few different bee species out there in the world these days, and in fact there exist nearly 20,000 types of bees which can be recognized by observing the type of hive they have, the social characteristics they portray, their behavior and other key features.


One of the most common and well known bee species is the bumblebee. They are large and hairy, and generally colored yellow and black. The colonies can flourish for many years if they are in the right environment, which would be tropical areas.

They typically live in deserted holes that have been made and left by rodents and other small animals, and they can thrive in temperate areas in North America.

Carpenter Bees

Another bee species that most people are aware of is the carpenter bee. These bees have metal-like, black color and no yellow marks, which is the most distinguishing feature between these bees and bumblebees.

They are unable to prepare wax, which is another very noticeable difference, and from flower to flower they can travel quite long distances.


Everyone has seen the next bee species before – the honeybee. These bees are quite small in size, and they are generally black but often other colors as well, such as a brown yellow. These bees are very social and have a queen bee who they work to protect and serve.

The job of the bees is to collect nectar from flowers and then store the honey, feed the hive, and make sure that the queen bee is safe and well protected.

Parasitic Bees

One bee species that many people have not heard of is the parasitic bee species. These bees do not search for food or build nests on their own, but rather use the nests and food of other bees. The reasons for this are unknown, but they can definitely be a threat in that they are stealing the food and homes of other bees.

The eggs or larvae of the host female are killed by the parasitic female or her larvae, and females of parasitic bees do not have pollen brushes or pollen baskets.

Digger Bees

There are also the digger bees, which are bees that have long tongues and which fly very fast. This is one of the most distinguishable features between these and other bees, and they are considered as being part of the digger bee family.

These are just a few of different species of bee that exists, and there are quite a few more that anyone interested in learning about bees would want to be aware of.

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