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Rule of thumb: Zhijin Zhi choice of pure wood pulp

by xxyxy

posted in Self Improvement : Leadership

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Whether to get along, or go to restaurant, or travel, can not be separated Tissue Paper. Zhi Jinzhi has become commonly used in consumer products of daily life, and with people's health is closely related.

Zhijin Zhi is a plant fiber, such as Wood pulp , Cotton pulp, Straw pulp , Paper Edge and other processing (such as cascading, embossing, folding) into a one-time use Household Paper . Cotton pulp production Zhijin Zhi best quality, but its yield is very low, hard to find traces of the market. Edge with paper, paper products as raw materials, product quality generally, the low range, generally low intensity, easy to hair loss, out powder, some see the water on the powder, used to wipe, the paper Wool is easy to stick to the face. According to the packing and the use of different occasions, Zhi Jinzhi can be divided into paper towel, paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs and so on. Paper towel is usually 2 to 3 layers stack, by embossing or without embossing, elongated or square, cross folded ranging from 50 to 300 pumping, into the box, used and out of the next one out Zhang, widely used in hotels, airports and other public places and family, very convenient. Paper napkin folding is 2 to 3 layers, and some on the use of a layer by embossing, folding into a square or rectangular, to form flexible, widely used in hotels, restaurants and other occasions. Some restaurants use a variety of shapes out of its fold inserted in the beverage Cup , Is very nice. Paper handkerchief from 2 to 4 layers of stacked, by embossing or embossing, folding growth form, will be 8 to 12 assembled into a small package bag instead of a handkerchief, carry, with the pumping with the easy to use as disposable. Zhi Jinzhi as good absorbent, soft, clean, easy to carry, easy to use and so are the majority of consumers, has become an essential commodity of modern life.

Good Zhijin Zhi hair loss should not, out powder, fade, water has a certain intensity, the surface should be clean, wrinkle should be even delicate, soft. Removable box out of a towel should be brought out after the next; small packs of paper handkerchiefs should be packed neatly, seal can be opened many times, sealing, so that each can once again after taking a sealed, to keep it clean free from pollution.

Zhi Jinzhi is essential to daily life in a hygiene products, consumers should note the following:

First, select brand-name recognition business. The choice of large enterprises, famous brands of products. The products of these companies experienced a number of national random inspection of the test was to prove the product quality stable and reliable. At the same time the production of these advanced facilities, strict management and good quality raw materials used. Although these businesses may be relatively high price point, but when used to ensure health and comfort.

Second look packaging. Zhi Jinzhi packaging manufacturer should indicate the name, address, telephone number and product implementation of the standards, production date, expiration date, the best to buy the latest products.

Third, identified material. The best choice for pure wood pulp products. Pure wood pulp products, manufacturers generally indicated on the packaging of the product, but also some name than in reality, consumers should learn to identify. Pure wood pulp products generally good whiteness, fine wrinkles, feels good touch, can not afford to feed, lint-free, wet strength .

Fourth, look at whiteness. Zhi Jinzhi not the more white the better, Zhi Jinzhi standard A and other chemicals whiteness provides 85.0% 90.0%, and some manufacturers to improve whiteness, Excess fluorescent brighteners, whiteness over 90.0% of such products does not meet the standards, the consumer is best not to buy. Could not judge with money detector test Zhijin Zhi is added optical brighteners. About the Author:

I am an expert from China Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as insulated screwdriver , nvr software.

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