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Mandatory Signs For Health And Safety

by John A Denver

posted in Legal

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Signs are easy ways to communicate certain important information, usually instructions, aimed at preventing accidents and easing tasks like evacuation among others. There are specific mandatory signs required in workplaces and for different types or buildings, businesses and enterprises. Fire exit signs for instance are required for any business or building that experiences high traffic and customer influx or any setting that has many employees employed in confined spaces. Apartments also need a fire exit plan complete with bold signs that meet enforced standards. Failure to comply with the standards and required installations often result in fines and penalties. Although some signs are mandatory requirements, they are highly dependent on the type of business, nature of operations and products/services that result from that workplace. Some businesses are even required to have multiple languages on a sign especially if the region comprises large numbers of diverse-culture groups.
Popular mandatory signs
As aforesaid, different factories and applications have specific signs that are mandatory for that particular setting and not necessarily across all sectors. Companies that interact with hazardous waste for example are required by the legislation to install warning signs informing people about a given area, room or package contains hazardous waste that is potentially dangerous. This sign would be inappropriate in settings that do not involve any such wastes. Swimming pools should include signs such as slippery floors (where necessary)and petrol stations often include No Smoking signs to inform people of the environments flammability. However, some signs are unique mandatory requirements. Such signs include the following;
• Construction site signs - Signs such as Drive Slowly and Construction Ahead are needed for works that take place along roads. Other signs may include foot protection, head protection and wear dust mask prior to entering a given zone. Another level of mandatory signs include messages such as Respiratory equipment should be worn outdoors, Permit to work, Visitor to reception, No hats, No boots and related signs.
• Working environment signs - These are mandatory signs required when entering a given area or handling specific tasks. They include messages such as Sound your horn, Wear seatbelts, Keep door closed, Keep staircase clear, Switch off after use and wear safety overalls among others.
There are many other types of mandatory signs basically aimed at issuing orders and rules that are to be observed when interacting with a facility, equipment or environment. Safety signs like breakdown road safety triangles and building fire extinguisher signs are also mandatory requirements.
Features and standards
The standards issued for different signs vary according to the purposes these signs serve. There are different specifications for colouration, dimension, pictograms, direction message and placement within the facility. The signs must be clear, placed in conspicuous bold areas and easy to read. They must also offer accurate helpful direction or instruction. All designs that have multiple languages on a sign should contain accurate translation and same message.
Mandatory signs are those information that should be observed at all times when handling specific items or working in given conditions/areas. It is important to carefully observe the standards required for that particular sign to ensure it meets enforced legislation and serves its purpose. This will ensure you elude fines and penalties that may even include facility closure for a given time.
About the Author:
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