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Brainwave Meditation: What It Can Do For You

by Trevor Johnson

posted in Health and Fitness : Meditation

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Meditation has been around for thousands of years. The results of many scientific studies have shown that meditation practice is beneficial. It works by affecting the brainwave frequencies in the mind, creating a more relaxed, productive state of being. Brainwave meditation (brainwave entrainment) has taken meditation to a new level.

Short, Do-able Sessions

Brainwave entrainment is done using a CD or other audio program. During the meditative session, the meditating person uses visualization and is usually guided through the exercise by the narrator. Sessions last between one-half hour to an hour.

Binaural Beats Explained

During the meditation, one frequency is heard in one ear and another frequency is heard in the other ear. This causes the brain to calculate the difference between the frequencies and then create that binaural beat inside the mind. Depending on the frequency, you will feel relaxed and energized or deeply, comfortably relaxed.

The Brainwave Frequencies

In Delta frequency, between 1-3 Hertz, is when sleep occurs. Deep relaxation, meditation, improved focus and better memory happen in the Theta frequency, which is between 4-7 Hertz. Alpha frequency is the state for improved learning and retention, as well as positive thinking. Alpha is 8-12 Hertz. The normal state of alertness, stress and daily life is Beta frequency at 13-25 Hertz. Meditators can select what state they want to reach and use the binaural beat audio that will put them there. The benefits of meditation are amplified when binaural beats are added. Stress reduces, as do anxiety attacks, breathing rate and heart rate. At the same time, the body's immune function increases.

What Brainwave Entrainment Can Help

This technology has been shown to help individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder. It has also been used to aid learning for people with autism and developmental disabilities. Chronic headaches, insomnia, addictions and depression have also been helped by brainwave meditation. It is very important to note that people with seizure disorders should not use any type of brainwave entrainment with binaural beats.

Scientific Proof

Binaural beats have been a matter of some controversy since they were discovered. Many skeptics dismiss the idea as mystical new age mumbo-jumbo. But, research is proving that the skeptics are wrong. Brainwave meditation is not new age mysticism or hocus-pocus. It is an authentic approach to helping people live more creative, centered lives. As research continues to validate brainwave meditation, it will continue to move more and more into the mainstream awareness.

About the Author:

Check out more about <a href="">brainwave meditation</a> with the <a href="">Brain Evolution System</a>.

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