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Are There Games to Improve Short Term Memory?

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Memory

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Keeping the mind sharp is a task that must be addressed regularly, especially in the middle and later years of life. Thought processes, like other body functions, require exercise to keep them as strong as possible. However, nobody said the job had to be boring. In fact, there are plenty of excellent games to improve short memory that are so much fun to do; you won't even realize that you are working your mind at the same time.

Written Games

Written games to improve short term memory include crosswords and other types of word puzzles. You can purchase a book of these games at your local grocery store or newsstand and work a puzzle or two every day to keep your mental faculties sharp. Crosswords are particularly effective at forcing us into our word bank to remember vocabulary. You can also find written trivia quizzes that will help you recall facts and figures that will keep your memory strong. There are even puzzle books available that are specifically designed as memory enhancements.

Card and Board Games

There are many good parlor games to improve short term memory that will give the mind a good workout as well. Most card games require a degree of remembering, even individual games like Solitaire. Children's card games like Go Fish and Old Maid will also build memory skills, so don't be afraid to partake with your kids on a regular basis. Trivia board games or classics like Memory or Scrabble will also provide valuable mental exercise. The best part is that you will look forward to these games to improve short term memory, so they will have a positive benefit without feeling like a chore. Simply schedule one or two nights a week as family games nights and indulge in some fun mental activities.

Video Games

There are a variety of video games to improve short term memory, from games designed for the various gaming consoles to websites that allow you to improve short term memory online. Some games, like jigsaw puzzles and matching games are not touted specifically for their memory building benefits. However, other websites will offer games specifically for this purpose, so you know you are building brain connections and getting a recreational break at the same time. In fact, many will list the specific skills the game works on, so you can create a full mental exercise program that takes all the components of memory into account.

Your memory is a valuable tool that you may take for granted until it begins to wane. Fortunately, there are numerous games to improve short term memory that will keep your brain sharp and your memory intact. is a wonderland of vintage styles, established by a group of vintage fashion lovers. We believe vintage style holds passion for fashion through time and will never go out of style. Keeping this in mind, we devote ourselves to present classy & chic vintage clothing and stunning accessorie
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