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Living Without a Maryland Will and is there any consequences

by Michael Dar

posted in Legal : National State Local

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To live without a Maryland Will can be likened to living without insurance. Individuals will always think that they really don't need one until actually something goes wrong at which point they wish they had one. Well in the case with a Maryland Will or Maryland Last Will and Testament as others call them, you really will not realize the cost and pain that you have created by not having a Maryland Will because you would have passed on by the time the importance of such a legal document comes in to play. A Maryland Will is typically used to set out exactly in writing with unequivocal language to whom you desire to leave your estate to. Further. Some Last wills contain provisions whereby you can leave specific items that you possess of value to specific individuals. So lets say that you had a rare precious stone collection that had been passed down to you generation to generation. And lets say you have two kids one of which you desire to leave the stones to. Well you would write in clear and concise language in your Maryland Will to leave your precious stones to the son that you desire to leave them to. The legal document can also be utilized for many other purposes. Lets say that you will be leaving behind minor children. Well, in your last testament you will be able to designate who you want to look after the welfare of your minor children once you pass on. This individual is typically called a guardian and will be responsible to follow through with your wishes and to ensure that your minor children receive all the necessities as far as health care, education, and other basic necessities.

A Maryland Will can also designate how you would like your funeral procession to happen. Lets say for example you desire to have your body cremated and your ashes spread over the Atlantic Ocean. Well, you can have your Last Will created by a Maryland Attorney specifically speak on this point and to convey in clear language that this is your desire. Or you may want to donate your body to research whereby again you can designate this in the legal document as well. A problem that arises for those that do not have a Maryland Will when they pass away is the fact that there will inevitably be a dispute between the beneficiaries. So lets go back to the example of the precious stones. If you desired one of the sons to have the stone collection and not the other then when you pass on without a Will there really is nothing in writing that legally gives your son the right to the stones. Should both the sons want the stones then this will lead to litigation. The litigation will lead to having to hire probate attorneys that will charge very high hourly rates and lead to many expenses that could have easily been avoided. This could have been easily avoided if a Maryland Will was created by a Maryland Attorney.




About the Author:

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