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India's Bumbling Bureaucrats and Their Ailments

by Tarun Sharma

posted in News and Society

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The Indian government and its Constitution have specified lucid rules of conduct which make it mandatory for all employees within the government to maintain ideal wholeness. However, in spite of 67 years of independence, the Indian bureaucracy fails to serve the nation with promised advancement. As a matter of fact, right from the beginning, the laws governing the conduct of government officials in India have commonly been defied. Not only does this infringement take place with respect to the written laws, it also disagrees with the core essence of Indian bureaucracy. To substantiate this argument, following are a few of the negative elements encompassing the nation, accountable for the inefficiency plaguing the system.
Faulty Politics:
Most of the time, in India, excluding the earlier independent years and a few later instances, instead of focusing on the development of the country, politics has lost its purpose of leadership towards overall national growth, and is now based primarily on manipulation of the population and the accumulation of votes to attain power. Competition among politicians and their contention to secure a powerful spot has turned their selfless devotion towards the well-being of their motherland into a forgotten dream, placing the important issues of the country, requiring strong and immediate attention since a long time, in the background. The biased influence of the wealthy and regent over all others leads to the prolonged trend of rich becoming richer and the destitute getting poorer across India.
Ineffective Policies:
A predominant proportion of Indian bureaucrats is far more engaged in marking their political territory through unfair means, evident as various scams, than their expected duty of looking into the depths of the population to deal with its awful situation. There is no policy to inhibit the population explosion in the country leading to worsening of the already existing scarcity of resources. Corruption has planted its roots so deep, and spread them so potently within India, that honesty being treated as naivety, even the general public has learned to find comfort in it.
Low Literacy Rate:
In spite of the modern advancements in social beliefs and technology, a majority of the Indian population still remains illiterate, bringing to view the carelessness of the passing governments regarding this issue of supreme importance. Ignorance of the public referring to significant positive and negative aspects of the country has hindered growth in all fields.
Side-tracked Ethics:
Numerous politicians in India employ division based on caste and creed as basis for winning popular support. Citizens having lost pride in their mother-nation, their actions, behavior and occupation are now self-centered with hardly any concern towards national service.
Moreover, since the law-makers themselves are corrupted, every law in India is tainted with several layers of loopholes to help powerful offenders get away with unforgivable acts. The deaf ear pointed by officials, towards complaints of ill-treatment or incorrect actions, seems now to be accepted in India like a doctrine. Unless a genuinely patriotic psychological revolution sweeps across India at all levels of the bureaucracy, the cloud of ails across the country cannot let any silver lining loose.
About the Author: Tarun Kumar Sharma is an independent content writer with more than a decade of experience in professional web based content writing for hundreds of domains. He can be reached at:
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