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Critical Thinking of Social Behavior

by Kate N Allen

posted in News and Society

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Recently, we noticed several conflicts, racial debates and controversies that made some people think we live in a divided society based on racial profiling. Indeed, the society recognizes a new sociological and cultural conflicts between its elements due to the variety of ethnicity and individuals surging the United States from numerous foundations and backgrounds. These individuals as identified by the term "Aliens", "Immigrants" and some like to call them "Foreigners", leave their homelands to settle in the land of freedom and opportunities. The question that I always ask myself about, why we are still identifying other people as immigrants and not people from the land even after they earn full citizenship and they try to blend in the American culture?.
I am not writing this article to share a regular idea about immigration and the experience of the sociological interactions. I was searching for an approach to bring a critical thinking for our identities as Americans based on history and on our present. I derive from a background which made me uncomfortable to even identify myself in our society. I was targeted as foreigner, immigrant, and a person with a broken English regardless of my level of education and my work for the government. I was conceived here paying little mind to how is my shading or my intonation. I decided at certain time to drop of my heritage and identity, even from my believe and put myself in a social experiment to how people can interact with my new personality I had a great experience that I would love to share it in details and in different articles.
I have been investigating in any place, how people interact with each other and how they classify individuals without any intentions. Some attacks individuals on purposes and others inheriting some deviant behavior due to sociology-impacts. While writing this article, I am sitting in an open spot at the airport of Chicago-O'hare, where there is a 2 hours delay for all the flights and most of the travelers are unconsciously focusing on the screen of their phones. We turned into an era of the slave of technology, addicted on electronics, losing any human values to socialize and take opportunities to learn without relying on the internet. On the other hand, you can notice the break from the iPhone if they notice a person from a different culture, wearing something else (Except from what the society is mandating today's dates to wear of course). A woman from Saudi Arabia and another lady from Amish background, were the two example of the pulse of life in this environment. Passengers were giving a look of exclamation, warning and of surprise. You could read the emotions around the people's face. We worship the word freedom in this era and we cite it everywhere but why we don't apply it as it was amended in our constitution? What controls us from admitting others for who they are? Eventually, after long research and analysis I found several answers.
I will be publishing my answers in other research with details about socio-conflicts, limitation of freedom and how to apply it, the unintentional discrimination and other topics.
As a prior service of the United States Army and from a different background and culture, I experienced a lot of unintentional social conflicts that pertained unsolved due to my race that I could not change nor change my decision and my choice of serving my country and living the American Dream without conditions. I will be sharing my experiences to provide a look of the deviant behavior inserted in the society within the limits of the respect of the other's freedom.The burdens of blending within the American society is not just about sex, color or ethnicity. It is far beyond what we are thinking of!.
About the Author: Social experience and critical thinking of socio-cultural behaviors and conflicts. The article is based on true events and experiences and there will be more topics based on the Autobiography of the writer.
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