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The Summer Of The Sun

by Dr. Tim G Williams

posted in News and Society

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As the soft gentle breeze of hot summer winds begins to ebb ominous signs have appeared foretelling of disasters yet to unfold. Amidst already scorching summer heat where temperatures have reached record levels all around the globe continues to confirm what scientists have been warning the public for years. To the chagrin of many Republican Presidential hopefuls the scientific community has substantiated that current record temperatures have set in motion a chain of events that will cause major catastrophes in the months and years ahead.
Many will look back to 2015 when the summer of the sun set record breaking heat waves in Pakistan and India which killed more than 1,500 people. In the state of Washington, Olympic National Park rainforest caught fire for the very first time. The heat was that extreme. California suffered the worst drought in history only to be followed by a deluged of torrential rains that overwhelmed the state. Virtually unheard of summer rains. In London England again record heat waves set the heat index over 110 degrees on certain days. It was so hot certain business were forced to close because the computer servers overheated. All this in this past summer of the sun.
Many meteorologists and scientists have all concurred that with this monster El Nino effect in the Pacific which has shifted weather patterns all around the globe will continue to cause more severe global climate changes. The scientific community though they have been warning us for years that without cutting and practically eliminating carbon emissions the planet will continue to get warmer. With rising global temperatures comes Arctic ice melts on a global scale. There are drastic outcomes when so much Arctic ice flows into the worlds oceans. With so much ice being released into the oceans a desalinization process occurs which in turn creates more severe weather patterns that we are seeing today. This past summer of the sun the Pacific region has been hit with record forming cyclones with an unprecedented three category 4 and 5 hurricanes in succession. An event that has never happened before.
With Arctic ice melting faster every year also has increased sea levels. The scientific community has now concluded that sea levels will rise 10 times faster than they originally estimated if carbon emissions are not drastically reduced. If these emissions remain constant without any substantial decrease the results will be disastrous for every inhabited coastal region around the world. Within a span of just a few short years seas levels will rise by10 feet or more. The unanimous conclusion is that an increase in sea levels in now unavoidable. Sea levels are all ready rising. Questions now have to be brought to the forefront of debate especially with this coming Presidential election season heating up. Are nations prepared for the social disruption and economic consequences of such a massive increase? Are we by our inaction only prolonging the inevitable? Or are we going to come to grips that an catastrophic disaster awaits the longer we deny what carbon emissions have been doing to our planet and environment?
It is not too difficult to figure out the consequences of such a rise in sea levels. The conflicts arising from forced migrations all already apparent even without rising sea levels. The refugee crisis in the Mid-East and Northern Africa are already causing international crisis. Now, just imagine rising sea levels forcing even more migration of the worlds population. A global economic collapse is a very real possibility. The very fabric of civilization could fall apart.
Then there is this, a paradox occurring with rising sea levels that has only supported the increase and frequency of severe weather patterns. Even as global ocean temperatures have increased to their highest level in history some parts of the ocean are actually cooling. When Arctic ice melts the regions surrounding that ice melt the water cools down considerably. This fast cool actually slows ocean circulation currents and is another major factor why weather patterns have only become more severe. More compelling as to what is happening is to actually see what rising sea levels have been doing especially where this paradox is occurring. The water temperatures in the North Pacific have never been this warm and yet have had a profound effect on marine life. In Northern Alaska the largest congregation of walruses ever to be seen huddled on one stretch of beach. There favored habitat, sea ice has been vanishing so quickly that these walruses have had to find alternatives places. It is not only walruses but polar bears are also finding sea ice harder to find. What his all means is that the habitat for all wild life has been disappearing. When habitat vanishes every life form is in grave danger. Is humanity next?
What is happening to our oceans continues to put the existence of every living organism at risk of extinction. It is now a known fact that marine life continues to move toward the polar regions whether Antarctica or the Arctic. They are migrating in real time to the warming of the worlds oceans. The one species that foretells of the eminent crisis of our indifference to affect change in reducing carbon emissions and curtail the effects of man induced global warming is to see what is actually happening with wild Salmon. Wild Salmon are on the brink of extinction. Salmon are crucial to their coastal ecosystem like few other species. It is a known fact that nitrogen especially in West Coast regions and forests have been traced to salmon. It is salmon after all that travel hundreds of miles up streams to lay their eggs. The Sequoias the largest trees on Earth wouldn't exist without salmon.
In California public officials are continuing a salmon rescue because river levels are too low and temperatures too warm for them to have a chance of surviving. There is a very real possibility that one salmon species the Chinook could very well disappear because of the warming of the waters. Not only are the salmon in danger but the number of plankton, the basis of the oceans food chain, has dropped significantly. What else can go wrong is the fact and possible worse than rising ocean temperatures is the acidification of the water. Acidification has a direct effect on mollusks and so many other marine life with hard outer bodies. What is happening because of the oceans warming is that hard shell marine life are dissolving and with their being absorbed into the water only exasperates the continuing warming process of the earths oceans. A continuing cycle where the warming of the waters causes the acidification of hard shell marine life. When that happens the acidification causes the waters to only get warmer. A constant continuation of the warming of the worlds oceans. This only contributes to more global warming.
If this isn't bad enough for the past 40 years there has been a constant increase of excessive chemical agricultural runoff, pollution, and other forms of waste that have been literally poured into the oceans, lakes, and rivers around the globe. When the BP oil spill occurred in the Gulf like so many oil spills in modern times all have had a continued adverse affect on the worlds oceans. The intensity of this pollution which has created in coastal areas algae blooms that continue to deplete the oxygen in the water. When the oxygen in these areas is insufficient for marine life the decaying marine life only makes matters worse. What is actually happening though these coastal algae blooms have now appeared in every corner of the worlds oceans. It is these low oxygen zones or more commonly known as dead zones are just another cause why ocean warming is only continuing. What we are seeing today the temperature of the world oceans continues to increase the evaporation from these warmer waters has created stronger hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes and other natural disasters. With torrential rains all have the potential of destabilizing the root systems of forests which accelerates the rate of runoffs with continues the cycles we are already seeing today.
In this the summer of the sun we all have to realize that the acceleration of global warming has already had debilitating effects in every part of the world. By mankind's continued reluctance to accept responsibility of what man continues to do by our refusal to relinquish the energy source that by it's own natural composition is so detrimental and dangerous to every life form on this planet we have put humanity on the very brink of a catastrophic catastrophe.
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