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And, The Whiskey Ran Dry

by Dr. Tim G Williams

posted in News and Society

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"People won't believe me. They think I'm just bragging. The way I feel the way I do I should be on the wagon. Oh me! Oh my! baby do I feel high. Higher than a kite could fly. Give me loving, Baby do I feel high!" Another opening to a great song of a carefree time. Leave it to the Kingston Trio whose lyrics simplified my coming of age years. You know the ones when boy meets girl took on a whole different dimension. It's too bad those yesteryears haven't returned for a new generation to experience. Now I wonder and question what the hell went wrong?
We are in the 21st century where the marvels of today people everywhere should all be able to live with the ambiance befitting those modern marvels that have been invented and developed. The sad fact though just the opposite has happened. Too many are caught in a vicious cycle of too many lost opportunities. The many marvels of technology, science, and medicine have yet to reach the multitudes that need them most. For many the whiskey really has run dry. No libation and no respite to take away the sting of life's existence today.
How many times have we all heard someone remark "If life was only a dream." Well, if life was a dream today, it would have turned into a nightmare for millions the world over already. The dreams of hope, aspirations and the blissful times of all those yesteryears are washed away by the tears that are now shed. Tears that now fill our existence with want, worry, and woe. No longer are those moments where harmony and peace prevailed are in our conscious thoughts. So many of our conscious thoughts now have been shrouded over by the tempestuous adversity of our times. The toils of our days and nights are filled with endless hours of emptiness. A void that has grown to expansive to cross. Stranded now in hopelessness, desperate for better times to come.
If only we could script our life as well as those who purposely script one for us. That script though is filled with scenes which only produce more harsh realities for the rest of us. They continue to thwart our attempts to fulfill the dreams we once had. You know those dreams where life fulfilled is a joy an exuberance that transcends above the mundane everyday life that now permeates our own existence. All the while the scripters that turn out page after page of deception and deceit where the masses are caught in the plot that only produces more misery and woe. But, as the plot thickens it is only the wealthy that continue to thrive. With so many caught in this whirlwind of unfulfilled dreams even more questions arise. Yet the powers that be are oblivious to the plight that surrounds so many.
As Shakespeare once stated "All the world's a stage." The harsh reality is, we the hapless population, are all but bit players. Like pawns that are expendable by the ones that wield the power that controls our destiny. So sad this tale of woe and betrayal that is being played out today. We can remember happier times of not to long ago. A time were dreams really did come through and the whiskey didn't run dry.
About the Author:
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