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In Remembrance Of Things Past

by Dr. Tim G Williams

posted in News and Society

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It seemed like it was only yesterday where the gaiety of life filled the air with a youthful exuberance and lofty attitudes that suggested anything was possible. If we could only retrace our steps back to that period in time and start anew. Just think of the possibilities where mistakes of the past gave way to the return to the embodiment of those wondrous years of yesterday. The what if's, the should have's, and the could be's continue to plague us now.
In this age of constant turmoil as mankind ponders his fate hypothetical questions now have to be asked in hopes of saving the day for humanity to find it's way. With the world spinning out of control where previously unanswerable questions were never asked and in light of the fact that so much has changed it is now conceivable that mankind's future the hand writing is already on the wall.
The self inflicted wounds by humanity to date may have already increased mans ultimate fate. Too much of man's imperfections continues to mask over more deep seeded struggles and our continued failure to grasp that harmony of knowledge where goodness and virtue ought to prevail. As of late the things that have changed have all been a black mark erasing much of what goodness and virtue man has left. With so much misery, scorn and dismay around the world today has only accelerated the future that is already in play. When so many opportunities have been lost has sent repercussions that have spiraled out of control. Where fat cat bureaucrats can't find a way to ease the quagmire that just maybe here to stay. It seems impossible for too many today to ever find their way out of so much sorrow and decay.
We continue to wonder what went wrong. But, if we look back 50 years or so we begin to realize that the consequences of so many policies, legislative decisions, Supreme Court rulings, and military actions that the United States has been made may have just keep the wheels of history spinning backward. Even with all the new innovations that have made it's way it seems that humanity has never found a way to bring peace and harmony back into play. It is too many in disbelief that the powers that be remain affixed that the choices they continue to be made leaves little doubt that the fires of hate and rebellion which has sent the world ablaze continue unfazed, not even perplexed. From their staunch resolve to date they have only entrenched themselves in this quagmire of hate. It is as though decisions that are made keeps the cycle of history doomed to repeat.
In retracing steps back to a period in time, it was 70 years ago that society in he United States was much more conducive to being stable and thriving. After all the family unit was safe and sound. We have to remember that all through-out history the family unit was the basis for societies stability, security and prosperity. When we look at statistics today and compare them to right after World War II to today there is a substantiated argument to correlate the demise of the family unit to a nations insecurity, instability and overall poverty that the United States is experiencing today. In the 1940's through the early 1960's African American Families with both parents raising children hovered around 85% to 90%. Today that number is just reversed where that 85% to 90% of households are single parent families and more often than not a grand parent is involved instead of the parent. The rate of foster care children has soared just within the past 25 years. For white Americans the figures are just as depressing.
This is just one statistic that has had far reaching consequences right here in the US. Now, when you look half way around the world where the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II is sending shock waves all around the world tells the tale of woe, misery and desperation. A desperation that has displaced millions seeking a save haven to restart life anew. The causes of which the United States was very instrumental in creating has made the world that much more hostile. The animosity created by our dubious leaders have only further exasperated the already delicate conditions throughout the world. The Mid-East, Africa and South America are imbedded together in so much strife. It is no wonder then that many see little hope that humanity will ever find it's way back to those years where the remembrance of things past brought tranquility and peace.
The years of remembrance have now turned to tears. The suffering of multitudes continues unchecked. For a nation that shows such righteous indignation when we can't even keep our own house in order we embark on endeavors that matter so little to us. But, our leaders continue to thrust the world into chaos by those policies and actions that still have little bearing in restoring a semblance of things past. It is as though we will be forever stuck in a whirlwind of turmoil unable to break free to see the light of peace and harmony. What can be said about remembering the days of not so long ago brings many of us to try to rekindle the spirit in remembrance of those things past.
About the Author:
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