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The Tonight Show

by Dr. Tim G Williams

posted in News and Society

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No this isn't the Tonight Show staring Johnny Carson or Jay Leno but it was almost as entertaining as it was frightening. The Republican Presidential debates if you can call it that has to be one of the most eye opening chapters in our history. Never before in recent times have there been so many egotistical contenders vying for this nations highest office been on one stage showcasing their ineptness all the while portraying themselves as the greatest person to ever step up to a podium. One has to wonder though after watching those Republican Presidential contenders from the last two nationalized TV appearances how anyone in their right mind would ever conceive of anyone of them being President of the United States let alone president of anything else. The egos of all continued to outpace the remarks that each of them made.
In such perilous times it would have been very reassuring to have someone in the Republican field come forth with a genuine empathy, compassion, and humility in offering solutions to the many complexities of our times. Unfortunately, none of that has happened, nor will it with the present Republican contenders that took that center stage. When we take a close look at what other countries reactions to the current crop of Republican candidates the consensus is that if anyone of these Republican contenders succeeds in being elected it will it be a sad day for America. Although, many in Russia favor the Donald but that opens up another whole can of worms doesn't it?
The United States may just be running on fumes. The fragmentation of our whole society is evident every where you go. From Texas to California many have become so disenfranchised that they have begun separatist movements to distinguish themselves from the rest of the country. When it comes to education, the future generations of our country, public school systems have morphed into battlegrounds. No longer are many primary and secondary schools the safe havens of learning that they used to be.
Many a baby boomer can remember their time in public or catholic schools the respect for our teachers was very evident. The sociological shift in our culture today has made the educational experience for our nations youth become a far cry from the days of the 1950's through the early 1970's. This is when our public school systems were at the pinnacle of success. The standards of excellence in education have fallen so far behind the rest of the industrialized nations is a testament to how far our whole society has fallen, been corrupted, and fragmented. The key is the demise of the family unit. Other contributing factors lie in the policies, Supreme Court rulings and legislation from the past 45 years that proved to be the exact opposite in results that they were intended for in the first place.
With the moderator of these televised debates only focusing on the candidates inner reactions toward each other and very little else there was not one mention of the brewing crisis in our educational systems or any other topic that has a direct bearing on the everyday lives of the majority of Americans. The rise of epidemic violence in our school systems is just not a local issue in inner cities Black neighborhoods either. In practically every school system across the country is ground zero for assault. Assaults against students by students and assaults by students against faculty are all too frequent occurrences. The failure of the media and the moderators of these debates to put forth discerning point blank questions that have a direct affect on the lives and livelihoods of everyday Americans when so much is at stake right here in the United States just shows how oblivious they and the rest of the Republican field really are to the harsh realities of everyday living right here in the good old USA. All that was heard from the first go around was mention of the Common Core curriculum of which completely misses the boat on having our youth being able to have a safe, well rounded quality educational experience. But, with over 1,500 teachers and staff physically assaulted every day across the country last year alone ought to tell us something is drastically wrong within our own society. Yet, these Republican wannabe's and the main stream media still aren't able to grasp the real imminent dangers to the future of the US lurking within our own society.
The future of our nation is too important to hand the reigns of leadership to anyone of these Republican candidates. They continue to show an aloofness and a callousness, that is too condescending toward others. The take away from the Tonight Show featuring these Republican contenders one is left with a queasiness and a frustration. With so much at stake in this coming election cycle it would be so refreshing to have the media for once focus on the real dangers lurking and ask the questions necessary to spur debate on the solutions to the many urgent problems facing America and the world today. But, so far the media continues to turn our attention away from the very facts that have proven disastrous for our country and the world. By promoting candidates whose own perception is just as dangerous to our future with the display of coverage given it is very conceivable that our future is going to be clouded with storm clouds of uncertainty. There is a way to avoid these storm clouds of uncertainty but not when the Tonight Show featuring these same cast members take center stage.
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